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About us:

Hi there! Ayyan Ahmad Khan is here

This is Ayyan Ahmad Khan. I am from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am 26 years old blogger, In past time I used to live in Karachi, I have to complete my study from Punjab. I love to work on the Internet and this is my passion. Finally, in 2020, I create my own website https//:www.dailypluz.com

As in the field of blogging I have started a blog about the Blogging, Which will cover everything of blogging which includes Daily News Update, Entertainment, Kids Learning, Technology, Make Money Online, Results, Downloads, Health & Fitness, Islamic Content, Fashion & Makeup videos, Making a Free Blog, selling product on Amazon and another third-party worldwide affiliate market, Complete Blogger Course and Making money with Twitter, Amazon, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

When we talk about earn Money from the Internet most the people get a greedy and just thing of money but blogging is not about money it is about fun, entertainment, and knowledge and for time passing as well.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain you with the latest gossips, education, and information with a lot of fun and help you guys to enhance your knowledge and make you all motivated.

Motivation: Always help others as some else one could help you in your bad time because bad time does not ask to come it just comes.

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