Teacup Dog Breeds - Bolonka

 Teacup Dog Breeds - Bolonka

The lapdog is a breed of decorative dog that is very similar to the Maltese lapdog. It is a well-muscled dog with long white hair that completely covers the entire head and body. The growth of adult males is 27-30.5 cm, and of females - 25.5-28 cm. An adult weighs 3-4 kg.


It is believed that the lapdog is a descendant of the Bichons of southern Italy and Malta. The breed was bred in Bologna, in Italy, back in the XI and XII centuries. Teacup Dog Breeds - These dogs were very popular with ruling families and nobility in the 1500s as companions, and belonged to some extraordinary people - from Catherine the Great to Marilyn Monroe!


The lapdog interacts very closely with its owners and, as a rule, does not like to be separated from their loved ones. She can be quite reserved with strangers. Although the lapdog gives a voice, informing the owner about something unusual or new, it is not a "yapping" breed and not a representative of aggressive small dogs. Dogs love to please and are quick to train.


Although the smallest of all breeds, these dogs are active and fun companions. Their favorite pastime is spending time at home with their owners. They often become very attached to their owners and enjoy the comfort of their home. They can make good little guard dogs. However, they also need regular physical activity outside the home to stay fit, healthy, and toned. Many of them are very trainable and, as a rule, are very fond of games.


The lapdog is usually in good health. No common specific problems were identified.

Physical exercise

A few short walks every day are enough for these small dogs, but they never give up a long walk. Likewise, they will be happy to play in the garden with their master.


Decorative dogs have a fast metabolism. This means, that they burn energy power at a high rate. As their stomach volume is very small, they must eat in small portions, but often. Small breed foods are specially formulated to meet the specific needs of the dog for essential nutrients. The food is crushed taking into account the small size of the dog's jaw, which in turn facilitates the chewing process and improves digestion.


The long hair of the lapdog can get tangled and must be looked after every day, paying special attention to the belly, the area behind the ears and paws. Since these dogs do not shed, the dead hair should be removed by brushing.

Best breeds for kids

It is believed that dogs generally get along well with kids. However, dogs and kids need to learn to get along with each other, respect to each other,, and feel safe together. In any case, young children should not be left alone with the dog - adults must necessarily control all interactions between them.

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