Build a fire pit yourself - balcony fire bowl - Fire PIT - flowerbed - DIY fire bowl

How to build a fire pit yourself


Build a fire pit yourself / balcony fire bowl / Fire PIT / flowerbed / DIY fire bowl

How to build a fire pit yourself 

hello so how you can see it

fire place the man apparently coming

Can set or balcony fireplace

this can of course also be used as a

Use and hang up the flower box

So that's a 2 one piece or one

it can of course just be put on the table

pose outdoors hopefully any table and eats

simply watch the video as a fireplace

is just on and comments when

I like the video and let us

I like a subscription that I have the dimensions

removed from a flower box and

once tailored so that you

just two long pages and short

side primer simply in the ground

just really stink boxes from usb

plates the usb plate at approx 1.5 mm each

but then I got thick and

then it went right straight away

screw when screwing had previously

drive through pre-drilled and then once

as you can see lowered because of the

against not looking at

since the screw head are on top and

it doesn't work afterwards

finish flush with the adhesive

all that is required once together

and once screwed I got there

someone hit 40 and this something

fat I don't have any pigs now

cattle that's why i have them exactly

that worked out quite well

which if simply overslept all

times and so you just have

simple and box with picture

now I have a corner

government building taken and one

one-time expense rather the box

a glue will be provided

or at 1 will know and there

we will burst at the seams

were we the one there and if you did that

really should do then I would

I really recommend it completely once

inside and outside everything completely

to be provided with fabric

because that is a little too few times

then one in rockenberg because of that

completely best

I just put it on this glue

taken from the plastics sector

me like that and it is relatively elastic

which we then simply applied

reasonable just so that the fabric

it can no longer be seen internally either

make you the wine glass cellar

so that you can place everything nicely


it's like working in sport

both on the outside so by them

who once completely with

Tile adhesive coated and approx. 24

hours of drying, of course, I have to

twelve hours deep had already begun

to grind

and because that was tough but that

complete dehydration and the active

2024 hours really count with it

Kreuth is and you can no longer cut anything

looks very accurate because of it

is that and one more page

closed with an annual income of 100

taken or 80s goals so that plays

no role because as well as should be

women we disguised that in the end

looks away anyway then I just have myself here for once

cut angle four long side and two short time and

they just become one another

screwed for what all this really is

see grant prenatal threesome

tree then comes the one black

screw through the attacker then wants

I also don't cut a thread and

other things therefore that also holds

really good together with professionals

screw it together and that thing now

finally finished right after that comes still

a grid in that we will still be in a moment

see and that lasts again together

for his vita I have that too

normal scissors want to cut through is

not so thick what exactly is simple

then be inserted again simply

the screws that are in four holes

the corners are raised briefly

the sheet pressure is set again

gossiped together and then it works

going on tension will be just that

holes made and me washer

also your screws around sheet metal

used to hold the grille down

and also draw tension

then we would still be at the end of the

screws should be the tips

then I cut off one

certain excitement provided and easy

cut to about 9 cm and that

the attitude below will be the effects

sees the black so you can see the whole

Lifting the grille can come and go

such profiles on it when you get the

hooks did not use that directly

grate with pull up and that you

twitter bends in usingen underneath

so eighth or ninth drill condor

otherwise the strength fell there

that once drilled so that the

threaded rods once through and

screw a nut down here could and so that here, so to speak

2 ebel just did so share then when it is in the box out

you can pry or yourself doing it how to do

to burn or maybe with the pliers when it's too cold than when I ram

now come in such two rectangular ones

no in when I do that optimize also know however

constrains are now 30 to 30 um

the inner ones which are now also black

which I mate with one the moral temperature was then

25 25 so that they are a little deeper

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