Yoga Day: Yoga stretching warm-up - Flexibility and Gymnastics - Workout Stretch Yoga

Yoga day: The day when yoga practice and meditation have special associations to the world

Yoga Day: Yoga stretching warm-up - Flexibility and Gymnastics - Workout Stretch Yoga

Yoga stretching warm-up. Flexibility and Gymnastics.
Workout STRETCH yoga and contortion challenge

Yoga day was on July 26 and the day is celebrated by special events organized by individuals and groups in India.

One of the most celebrated yoga events is held at Shirdi in Maharashtra. Even people from all over the world join the day celebrations that comprise both the regular yoga class and various musical events. The concert is held in the open air at the Shree Trimbak temple where the highlight is in the form of a massive congregational dance of Boddhisattvas.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has urged people to observe yoga day on June 21, the birthday of Lord Buddha, by performing yoga and meditation.

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Almost every Indian state has declared public holidays on the occasion and on June 22 a similar yoga event is being organized at Jammu and Kashmir's Srinagar for which all those interested have to gather at the Lal Chowk.

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