How to take care of sugar patients during Corona period?


How to take care of sugar patients during Corona period, know what should be taken care of by Diabetes patients

How to take care of sugar patients during Corona period, know what should be taken care of by Diabetes patients

High Blood Sugar: People who suffer from diabetes are more at risk of getting infected with corona. Learn how to avoid -


Coronavirus and Diabetes: 

The outbreak of the second wave of Corona virus is increasing continuously. The number of infected and daily deaths is also increasing. It is being told that this time the variant of the virus is very dangerous and powerful. Not only the elderly, the youth are also suffering from it. Apart from this, health experts also believe that people who are already suffering from any other disease, especially diabetes, are more at risk from this virus. Not only this, according to a research, a person who has coronation is at a very high risk of developing diabetes. In such a situation, let us know what things should be taken care of by diabetic patients at this time -


What the research shows:

According to research conducted on more than 7 thousand patients from Hubei, China, most people were suffering from type 2 diabetes. Also, mortality is also higher in these patients. In an earlier study, it was found that after being infected with corona virus in many people, insulin in their body started decreasing. Also, it also reduced his weight. On checkup, it was found that those who were not suffering from diabetes before, started getting symptoms of high blood sugar after getting infected.


Diabetes is a serious disease:

According to health experts, every sixth person in India is suffering from high blood sugar. According to a study, Indians eat about 18 kg of sugar in a year. According to experts, if the blood sugar of diabetes patients increases, then it affects the kidneys, eyes, brain, skin and feet.


According to health experts:

if the diet of diabetes patients is healthy, then the risk of sudden increase in blood sugar after eating can be reduced. At the same time, wrong catering works to increase the blood sugar level. In such a situation, let us know what the patients suffering from this disease should keep in mind -


Healthy eating is important:

Diabetes patients should avoid eating high glycemic foods in the diet. Shoddy nourishment handled food, bundled and many prepared food varieties ought to be kept away from. It contains trans-fat which is hazardous for diabetics. That's why people should eat healthy foods. Remember food sources rich for fiber and protein in the eating regimen. Drink plenty of water and take foods that contain vitaminC.

Yoga is important for our health:

According to the Baba Raamdev, by taking Kapalabhati and Mandukasana, diabetes can be controlled. Beta cells are activated and regenerate from Kapalbhati. Blood sugar is controlled by taking Mandukasan for 5 minutes. In addition, yoga exercises such as Gomukhasana, Lokasana, Uttanapadaasana, Naukasana, Sethubandhasana and Tadasana should be done for 5–5 minutes.

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