How to build your own table

How to build your own table 

How to Build a table yourself - Dining Table DIY / Beech table / Build your own dining table / Modern Table Build / Desk DIY


hello everyone in this article I'll show you how to get such massive armchairs for outside and also for him can build Here we go so the two meter pieces will be first have cut to 65 cm I need six of them that is three pieces per side since the long wood from the berghaus is also a 45 degree sloping sides I do the same with a 45 degree sloping so at the end also looks nice and uniform wooden planks two meters fifty long are 

now in pieces cut these pieces are 53 for me cm because later the pillow in itself masshardt of 60 cm when everything was tailored so far I have the long wood with each other screwed as glued wood is 20 cm high I had to have a 25 centimeter long take screw before I have of course the individual parts first pre-drilled in six of the drills and afterwards then simply the screw screwed so that all individual parts are connected to each other now I have such stall angles you have taken about 40 40 years

then simply screw it together fastened one screwed four times 30 long and these angles then arrive

on both sides wooden plank the now in the case then for the seat, which we then simply screwed to the grandchildren so that the dealer still has to turn around and still completely solid with a screw when the lower part is finished it is now also the turn of the backrest I'll give you a short picture in a moment fade in what a degree I am at the leaned this is what the finished armchairs look like and I felt like it right away just two made now one close we just have to be dosed I didn't use any extra paint because otherwise then afterwards the wood grain which I like to show wanted to bring no longer sees the head cover it completely and the wood glaze does not cover that complete houses move into the wood like that that the measurement can see that I definitely wanted to be in the wood too have seen a Holzma so you can see Can also be mixed in any color to let in the end I only have this one prefabricated plastic feet on it screwed

when it's done just come the pillow on it that was a pillow 60 x 60 cm wide and then they are I'm ready when I watch the video then you are welcome just subscribe have fun with it

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