Daybed porch swing - How to build your own porch swing very easy step by step - woodworking

Daybed porch swing 

How to build your own porch swing - Porch Swing DIY - Hanging swing - Swing Chair - Bed Swing

Daybed porch swing - How to build your own porch swing very easy step by step - woodworking

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Yes hello everyone nice that here turned on today we want you guys just show how to do them and can build a Hollywood swing yourself that's you just have a look at it we also start right first i have with the lower part of the swing started there I first had to do a Screw the rectangle together and there I cut the sides first have adapted it so that a mattress size should be at the end, once the long sides two pieces

this exactly two meters long and the course times for chocolate. it also depends on what kind of  mattress you have or respectively the I use a mattress two meters 80 that is exactly the size of the mattress now come those striving for that we'll see in a moment that it ends like this promises looks like a slatted frame when bed only that is just a little stronger is i have to strive for five first screwed it was still a bit too little that I now have everything robot image but first I have the corner all screwed together i have post everywhere at this 460 screws used galvanized with a tree top so that you can the boring does not have to be hidden either itself in front of and thereby space the wood I don't always have products either two screws screwed on each side

now we come to one side part is complicated but there comes a slant in I took 102 or two degrees usually is a sitting position between 118 115 degrees but since I do that thing still tilt slightly at the end

you will also see that because of that I only took the 102 degrees of it I have five for the backrest I have taken individual strivings then cut from both sides first on 61 to later the wedge came there the bottom was cut off then came that's how I got to 60 now i have the position determined and distributed with it

I know exactly where they are now a lot and here comes the five-door directly to it now I have taken such screws I'll say eight times 170 length i have so i have two wider underneath so that you can use it

i if i wasn't born now into the earth rhine bend me before with a six drill exactly where the aspire to be seated in the end

the first thing you have to do is the lower ones Pages that lend with the wedge so that you would have really flat also apply when the screw when the screws also tightened correctly later become I look I have pre-drilled beforehand which is now also in there you can see in a certain direction or in one certain degree exactly there it arrives where it should go so it's relative that it's just plain is fixed so that I am in the helmet only you will still be the top plate can see screws all of this is still a little real work therefore it would definitely be stable when all sides are screwed together if these are from striving then I have the latte economy and all five criteria I have tied the length, of course one can easily determine beforehand measure from the first to the last meter 31

it all looks a bit strange yet because it's not completely up to with but it goes up to the sides he'll still see why I don't completely made up to the side or up to the edges I have you once born before because the holes we made have before birth or the I already got sick when I was six I now turn 90 degrees so that I can again last week but then directly in the difficult matter so that I the I screw that tight now open another screw with it which is 90 degrees to the lower level

the cordless screwdriver doesn't have that much power advice or I don't really I want to destroy all of them then again with a ratchet tightened screws

when that was done I got an angle before the 90 degrees were 102 degrees once more curved at an angle now I write them down from the inside because that's where the greatest leverage is when you sit on it and deal with the leaning against the back is the largest leverage and since I have the leverage

wanted to keep as low as possible then came all over again these angles to stabilize in any case more

You also have this galvanized one with you Galvanized screws that are in demand the screws were three times 25 now i have to go through the plans again expand that is the only way to go now fixed is not quite finished that's why I need another one if he bar above long I have myself for it decided that I would have three more That is why they run downwards

I have to do three more cut to meter 31 I've got the screws on the sides maybe already screwed before so that I now keep the simple ones must sink into the wood

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