How to take care of your asthma patients during the Corona period?


How to take care of your asthma patients during the Corona period

How to take care of your asthma patients during the Corona period

Asthma Patients:


Asthma patients usually may experience cough, cold, and restlessness.


Tips for Asthma Patients:


People already suffering from any disease in this corona period need to take better care of their health. Especially those suffering from respiratory disorders should be cautious. Asthma is also a similar disease in which the patient has difficulty in breathing.


It is a respiratory disease that occurs when there is a blockage in the windpipe. This may be due to phlegm or allergies that cause difficulty in breathing. The global pandemic corona can further exacerbate these problems, so let us know what needs to be taken care of.


These patients should be given more attention:

Health experts believe that respiratory disease can worsen the symptoms in asthma patients. People who complain of uncontrolled asthma already have to swell in their lungs. In such a situation, these patients are at risk of pneumonia, fibrosis, and other respiratory diseases from the corona.


Symptoms of asthma :

Asthma patients may usually feel a cough, a cold, or a cold and restlessness. Apart from this, breathlessness or difficulty in breathing, loud breathing, wheezing sounds while breathing is also a symptom of this disease. At the same time, asthma patients may feel a chest strain.


Follow such a diet:

Asthma patients should include foods like carrots, spinach, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and black pepper in their diet. They contain abundant nutrients which help in fighting asthma.


Make a distance from them:

Asthma patients should not consume dairy products like milk and cheese. Also, avoid eating eggs, almonds, fish, fried and processed foods.


Cleanliness of the house is also necessary:

Asthma attacks can often take a formidable form in patients. However, it is only when patients come in contact with something that they are allergic to. In such a situation, the family of asthma patients should keep the house clean and tidy. Whether you are staying at your home, staying in the office, or traveling somewhere, it is very important to keep your surroundings allergic-proof. This reduces the chances of asthma attacks in patients.


Take vaccine soon:

If a patient of asthma has recently recovered from corona, then take the vaccine only after fully recovering and ending the quarantine. Do not leave the houses until it is necessary at this time. Asthma medicines are long-term to prevent or reduce asthma symptoms and attacks. Even if you do not have asthma symptoms, you need to take these medicines every day.


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