Tips for healthy lungs during the corona period

Keep your lungs healthy during the corona period, include these yogasanas in the routine

Tips for healthy lungs during the corona period


To strengthen the lungs, you can do pranayama regularly, but in addition to this yoga yoga can prove to be beneficial for you.


The outbreak of the second wave of coronavirus epidemic continues in the country. In such a situation, caution is also being advised by the Health Department. Apart from social distance and healthy diet, it is very important to keep your lungs healthy. Because, the most effect of coronavirus is on the lungs. In this case, you can include yoga in your routine.


Today we will tell you about such Yogasanas, which are effective in strengthening your lungs. Though you can do Pranayam regularly to strengthen the lungs, but in addition to this Yogasan can prove to be beneficial for you.



In this yogasana all the attention is focused on the breaths . It also strengthens the lungs and prevents many respiratory diseases. At the same time keeping the mind calm, relieves stress. Sukhasana improves the circulation of oxygen in the body.


To perform this asana, sit on the floor by hitting the floor. Then close the eyes, leave the body loose and take a deep breath. Do this asana for about 10 minutes.



Naukasana has a stretch in the muscles, which helps to strengthen the lungs. It is effective in getting rid of all kinds of respiratory problems. Naukasana also provides relief in back pain.

For this, sit on the ground and raise both your legs upwards. Then take a deep breath and move your hands towards the feet. Stay in this position for some time.



Trigonasana helps in strengthening the lungs as well as cleansing them. At the same time, this yogasana also keeps the digestive system healthy. In such a situation you can include trigonasana in the routine to strengthen your lungs.

For this, make a distance between your legs by standing upright. Then, while bending the waist, touch the left leg with your left hand and keep the right hand straight upwards. Stay in this posture for about 15 to 20 seconds and then come back to normal.

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