World best fastest bowler in the cricket history

Who has been the fastest bowler in cricket?

Here is the top 10 fastest Bowler according to Kmph in cricket history.

10. Shane Bond (New Zealand) - 156.4 kmph

He is one of the best swing bowler right now who bowled his fastest delivery in World Cup 2003.

9. Mohammad Sami (Pakistan) - 156.4 kmph

He is the best fastest bowler of Pakistan's bowler history, who bowled his fastest delivery against the Zimbabwe in year 2003. He was one of the amazing sensational pace bowler on his time.

8. Mitchell Johnson (Australia) - 156.8 kmph

He is one of the best and legendary fast bowler of Australian cricket history. He is mostly famous for aggressive bowling and style. His fastest delivery was clocked at 156.8 kmph against England in 2013.

7. Fidel Adwards (West Indies) - 157.7 kmph

He is the second-fastest pacer of West Indies history who produced maximum delivery against South Africa in 2003.

6. Andy-Roberts (West Indies) - 159.5 kmph

Andy was one of the lethal pacer of ’70s decade who had delivered his fastest bowl which was 159.5 kmph against Australia in 1975. West Indies team was too strong having four top most fast bowler on their squad.

5. Mitchell Starc (Australia) - 160.4 kmph

Mitch is the premier pacer of current Australian team who is becoming one of the best bowler of their history. Pace, bounce, swing everything is full of on his action. He bowled his fastest delivery against Ross Taylor of New Zealand at WACA.

4. Jeff Thompson (Australia) - 160.4 kmph

He was the fastest bolwer of his era. His pace and dangrance bounce made him one of the lethal pacer on that time. He bowled his maximum delivery against West Indies in 1975.

3. Shaun Tait (Australia) - 161.1 kmph

This man came into limelight for his unbelievable average speed of 155+ kmph. He could bowl relentlessly with more than that speed. In the year 2011 he has produced his best fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph against England Team. He has bowled more than 158+ kmph numerous times.

2. Breet Lee (Australia) - 161.1 kmph

Lee was the best wicket taking bowler on his time having pace, bounce, swing and line-length. He has bowled 161.8 kmph against West Indies in 2005 which later Channel Nine ensured that it was a mistake.

Later on his fastest delivery has recorded at 161.1 kmph against England in 2003.

1. Shoaib Akhter (Pakistan) - 161.3 kmph

He was a craziest fastest bowler who bowled average between 145 to 150 kmph in each game. His fastest delivery was 161.3 kmph against England in 2003 World Cup.

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