What to do if the second dose is delayed? Learn the answer to every such question

FAQ: What to do if the second dose is delayed? Learn the answer to every such question

Covid vaccination registrations for 18+ people have started, and there are many questions in the minds of people as to when, how and where they should get the vaccine and what to take care of. Our experts are giving answers to every such question for the convenience of readers.


Vaccination of people above 18 years is starting from May 1

Try to get the vaccine as soon as possible, there is more benefit

Corona provides protection from the vaccine virus only after both doses

1. 'If we are late in taking the second dose of Covid vaccine, what to do, can the second dose be taken by another company' - There are many such questions in the minds of people about the Covid vaccine . Answering all such questions - ICMR's Community Medicine Expert, Dr. Arun Sharma:

If a corona infection occurs after taking the first dose of the vaccine, how much delay can the second dose take? Will there be a late registration on the app?

Registration has to be done only once, it is not required for the second dose. The time for taking the second dose after the first dose is 6 to 8 weeks. But if someone gets an infection after the first dose, then he can take another dose between 4 to 8 weeks after recovering.

2. Corona cases are increasing. If such people are afraid to come out to take the vaccine, then can we take it late?

Vaccination of those above 18 years is starting from May 1, but is not going to end. The vaccination program will continue. People should get vaccinated as per their convenience. Try to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

3. After taking the vaccine of one company, can another dose be taken by Pfizer or Modrina or any other company?

No, not at all. For the company whose first dose is taken, take the second dose of the vaccine of the same company as well. Do not take another.

4. Do we have to pay for the second dose according to the new rate?

It is currently free in government hospitals and will remain free from May 1 onwards. Government hospitals currently have a dose of Rs 250. In the coming days, the price of a vaccine dose in a private hospital may vary. The hospital may have its own rate. In such cases, people who go to get the vaccine will have to pay according to that hospital.

5. Do all people have to register or can they go for a walk-in directly?

No, currently those above 18 years of age will not get the vaccine without registration. They have to go by registering. Walkin registration is not being done right now.

6. What to do if there are too long lines and it is too late to take another dose?

The time for the second dose of the vaccine is 4 to 12 weeks, try to get another dose in between this time. If it takes longer, the effect of the first dose may be reduced, it may also cause you to have trouble getting enough antibodies.

7. If I get corona immediately after taking the second dose, do I have to take the vaccine again after recovering?

A second dose can be taken between 4 and 8 weeks after recovering from Covid.

8. Can someone take a different vaccine from a different document?

Documents have almost the same address and phone number, but this should not be done. I suggest that it may harm you. Avoid things like this.

9. Q. can covaxin or pfizer be taken after taking two doses of covishield? If yes, after how much time?

According to the scientific study so far, only one type of vaccine should be taken by a person. Two vaccines are being used in the country and both vaccines have affixes so much that the second vaccine is not required. Therefore, work is being done on this strategy right now. Don't know what will happen next. It may be that the vaccine may have to be taken every year in the coming years to prevent corona. Then it can also be an option that every year man can take different vaccines, but this is still a matter of future.

10. How long will the antibodies be made after taking both doses? Will this vaccine have to be taken again after some time?

Adequate antibodies are made in the body 14 days after taking both doses. But how long this antibody will last is not known. Now there will be a follow-up study of the vaccine, then you will know how long it is effective. The answers to many questions have been hidden on how long the antibodies produced after the vaccine last.

11. Some people are feeling very weak after getting vaccinated. For this, some people are also taking medicines of strength. Is it true?

No side effects have been observed after the vaccine. Do not pay attention to such things.

12. If there is a fever after vaccination, can it be known that it is a side effect of the vaccine or is there a fever due to covid infection?

If a fever occurs after 24 hours of the vaccine, it may be AEFI. If the fever persists for a long time, get it tested by RTPCR. If RTPCR is negative, it is due to fever vaccine. If the report is positive then the fever will be caused by the virus.

13. Can women take vaccinations during periods?

Women or women may take the vaccine during the period, it has nothing to do with vaccination. Can take it comfortably, there is no problem.

14. There is a rumor that young women cannot become mothers after the vaccine?

Ignore the rumor. It has not been seen anywhere that she cannot become a mother after the vaccine. There is no such problem even in this vaccine. Feel free to take the vaccine, only the vaccine will protect you from this virus.

15. Can you go to the gym after a vaccine or not?

There is little pain where injected. Therefore, do not go to the gym immediately after the vaccine. Avoid going to the gym for a few days. Similarly, if fever comes, do not do gym.

16. Can I drink alcohol after taking the vaccine?

There is no such guideline, but it is better if you do not consume alcohol for a week.

17. If Covid has become positive, can the Corona vaccine be administered in such a situation?

If you are Covid positive, get your treatment done first and get the Corona vaccine after the report comes negative. While being Covid positive, it is forbidden to have the vaccine as per the guidelines. While being covid positive, you have a variety of medications going on. In such a situation, some patients are susceptible to side effects, so first treat Covid and then get vaccinated.

18. Got the first dose of vaccine and after that, it is now my turn to have my second dose in a few days, but if the Covid becomes positive then should it be done?

If Covid has become positive after the first dose, then there is no problem even if you do not take the second dose of Corona for about three months. The dose of corona is given to develop anti-bodies. At the same time, anti-bodies develop themselves on being corona positive, due to which there is no need to dose for three months.

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