Ten benefits of social media marketing for small businesses

Ten (10) benefits of social media marketing for small businesses

Ten benefits of social media marketing for small businesses

Find out how social media allows you to:

build brand awareness

promote the products and services offered

publish content whenever you want and for free

collect opinions and comments from recipients

build a base of loyal customers

start conversations with customers

show your customer service

inform customers about current events

increase the reach of your company

send customers directly to your website

The business benefits of having a strong social media presence have never been more obvious, and spending on social media advertising is set to reach $ 102 billion in 2020. It is an effective way of promotion, especially for smaller companies, as it only takes a few clicks to advertise your products and services to a narrow audience and get a measurable return on investment.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits social media can provide to small businesses of all kinds - including restaurants, bars, gyms, and beauty salons. While it may seem like a crowded market with many companies vying for customer attention, there is still enough room for new brands.

With a strong marketing strategy and knowledge of how different platforms work, you can use social media to:

Brand building

Expanding the customer base

Long-term increase in revenues

Learn about the benefits of social media marketing and how to engage your audience.

What is social media marketing for small businesses?

Marketing in social media is about publishing content on one of the many websites available, such as:









Each one is suitable for a different type of content, tailored to a different audience and for different purposes, such as:

Advertising your brand, products, and services

Interacting with customers

Attracting new customers to the website

You control what content appears on your accounts. Depending on the resources you have, you can create posts yourself, hire specialists, or automatically generate posts using the social media management tool.

Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It helps build brand awareness

There are over three billion active social media users worldwide. This is a huge group of potential recipients of your brand.

Posting content on social networks can increase your brand reach and the number of people who will see:

Your company logo, branding, and personality.

Photos of your products and services

Video materials

It promotes your products and services

Visualizations play a huge role in social media - especially on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. A picture or video post may show:

A photo of a new dish in your offer

Virtual training video

Text description of the beauty treatments you offer.

Information about the upcoming event

Details of the discounts you offer

Each post gives you the chance to share your listing with people who follow your page and potentially their friends if your post is retweeted - helping them decide if or what they want to buy.

It's free and always available

There are very few marketing channels that can be used absolutely for free. Sure, adding the necessary information like a profile description or profile pictures can take some time - but getting started on social media is usually a quick process.

It's free to set up a social account, and it's free to post - unless you're running a paid ad campaign and paying for your post to appear on message boards from people who aren't actively following you.

This helps you save money on marketing efforts and spread the word about your business at no cost.

It helps you collect audience opinions and comments

Collecting customer information is essential to success in any industry. Tailoring your content to the right social media users can increase their engagement, which in turn can drive sales.

Social media monitoring can also help you gather information about your target audience. This involves finding the different conversations people have on topics related to your industry to further deepen your engagement with your audience.

51% of marketing leaders used social media monitoring to learn more about their customers' preferences during the COVID 3 pandemic. This has helped them create posts that users deem relevant - increasing the chances of keeping their customers engaged.

Builds a base of loyal customers

Posting social content that interests your customers gives you the best chance of building a group of people who will decide to buy from your business when they need a specific product or service.

This can help your small business increase customer loyalty and build a repeat user base you can rely on. Research conducted in the USA has shown that 80% of customers become attached to a particular brand over time 4.

Your social media interactions play an important role in building brand loyalty.

Initiates conversations with clients

Social media is not one-sided when it comes to communication. You should interact with your audience by asking them questions and getting them to respond - so people can feel part of your brand.

Putting in place a social media strategy can help you choose:

The type of posts you want to create

The group to which they will be directed

Schedule of marketing activities in social media

Having a defined strategy can help you shape the conversations you have on social networks, maximizing their effectiveness and increasing the amount of conversions per sale.

It represents your customer service

Before the advent of social media, a customer would have to email or call your company to get their questions answered. At present, this approach seems impractical and overly bureaucratic.

Thanks to social media, customers are able to directly and quickly approach you with any problems or comments - especially on platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

If you respond quickly to someone who has problems with a booking, for example, you will show other users that you care about their comfort - building customer loyalty and making them come back to you.

Informs clients about current events

Social networks allow you to immediately promote important business announcements among people watching your profiles - which is an ideal solution for introducing offers such as:

Limited-time discounts on gym membership

Cosmetic treatment packages

Holiday promotions in restaurants

It only takes a few moments to write a post, add details about what you're advertising and share it. If your post reaches the people who follow you, they in turn can share it with their friends - providing basically free marketing.

Increases the reach of your company

The ability to share posts on social networks can extend your company's reach beyond your current customer base - multiplying the number of potential recipients.

For example, suppose you post a training guide on your social media accounts.

If you like this guide, please share it with your friends.

They, in turn, can click on the link to the website in the post

As they browse, they choose to check the prices for your classes online

Once they are there, they can choose to start their trial period

If you post well-curated content on social media, this scenario could become a reality, helping you reach people who don't know your business yet.

Sends customers directly to your website

Each post on a social networking site should contain the URL of your website, thus increasing the number of visitors - i.e. incoming traffic.

Getting people to check your offer online causes more people to view your products and services, potentially increasing your sales and revenue.

Therefore, you should optimize your website to provide your customers with all the information they need about your business. This way, your customers will have all the information they need to decide if they want to use your services.

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