India to ask for visa or transfer to T20 World Cup

India to ask for visa or transfer to T20 World Cup


India to ask for visa or transfer to T20 World Cup

Pakistan has made it clear to the ICC that in addition to its team, it wants Indian visas for spectators, journalists and PCB officials.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani has said that if New Delhi does not reassure Pakistani players about visas and security arrangements by next month, they will seek T20 World Cup from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Cup will be demanded to be shifted out of India.

"Our government has never stopped us from playing in India," Mani told the Associated Press (AP). We have agreed with the ICC that we are going to take part in this (mega event in India) and we cannot oppose it.

He added: “At the ICC level, I have made it clear that we need written assurances from the Indian government not only for our squad visas but also for Pakistani fans, journalists and board officials. They also want visa guarantee.

Australia was scheduled to host the T20 World Cup last year but had to postpone it due to code 19. According to the new schedule, India is now hosting the 2021 edition and Australia will host the tournament next year.

Mani said the ICC had initially told the Pakistan Cricket Board that it would obtain visa clearance from India by December.

"The ICC also showed leniency in this matter because they told us that this (visa issue) will be resolved by December 31, 2020, but unfortunately this did not happen."

About two months later, Ehsan Mani twice raised the issue with the ICC, saying he would be informed of the final decision by the end of March or else he would demand that the event be moved to the United Arab Emirates.

The PCB chairman added: "It was already decided that if India could not host the event, it would be shifted to the UAE. It is our legal and constitutional right to participate in the tournament and no one can exclude us from the tournament.

Mani said that on a personal level, he had no differences with Indian Cricket Board President S Ganguly. "If he (Ganguly) wants to host a tournament in India, I have no problem with that either.

"It will only be possible if they can convince every stakeholder. But the ICC also has a backup plan that if it (India) cannot hold it, the event will be held at an alternative venue.

Tensions between the two neighboring countries have affected cricket, and there has been no series between the two traditional rivals since 2007. However, in the ICC tournaments, the two countries have definitely faced each other.

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