Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is a condition that consists of three aspects: good health, a sense of mental comfort and maintaining proper social relations. However, there are many other definitions when it comes to the term mental health understood in a sociological, medical or psychological sense. How to Maintain Mental Health?

Mental health and rational nutrition

Proper nutritionhas a significant impact on both the physical and mental condition. Daily provision of adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in the form of food is much more beneficial than their supply in a synthetic form. It is also related to the differences in absorption of these compounds. However, it is not only what we eat, but also how we provide the body with the necessary ingredients. So you should pay attention to the size of the portion of meals, the frequency of eating them and the way we eat them. Therefore, it is also important to rush when eating, which can have a stressful effect on the body. Rational nutrition also includes taking care of adequate hydration and resignation from stimulants that certainly do not help maintain mental health in the long run. To support the nervous system,B vitamins , such as eggs, poultry, fish, nuts and seeds, legumes or spinach. Adequate supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids , the source of which are mainly fish and vegetable oils, is also important

Mental health and adequate sleep duration

To maintain your mental health, you need to maintain proper sleep hygiene. The most important thing here is its length, which directly affects the quality. It is assumed that the optimal length of sleep is 6 to 9 hours, however, it is also determined individually. Lack of or insufficient sleep drastically reduces the chances of proper mental health as it significantly reduces concentration. They can also cause you to feel unwell and get into a bad mood more easily.

Mental health and physical activity

Regular physical activity has a significant impact on achieving mental health. It not only ensures vigor and maintenance of a proper body shape, but also increases the release of endorphins, which, by binding with opioid receptors in the central nervous system, have an analgesic effect and significantly elevate the mood. Caring for physical activity does not necessarily mean practicing professional sports, so it can take various forms. It is important that it is taken regularly, about 2-3 times a week for at least 40 minutes. Regular exercise relieves tension, reduces stress and reduces the feeling of irritation and nervousness.

Mental health and the joy of life

Mental health is a balance between body and mind, so to maintain it, you need to start appreciating the little things that make you happy. You also need to work to stay cool in difficult situations and try to find the best solution. It is also important to avoid constantly worrying about the future, as we often have no influence whatsoever over what awaits us. Therefore, you should analyze the decisions made twice, choosing the most rational option. Achieving mental health also means the ability to communicate with loved ones, remain open to talking about problems and keep your emotions low.

Mental health and interpersonal relations

Sometimes people who are in our close environment are a great psychological burden for us. It may be a family member, friend or acquaintance whose behavior is highly unacceptable to us. This state of affairs can result in a mental health disorder, which can have a strong influence on mood. If a person provokes irritation by, for example, constant complaining and an extremely pessimistic attitude towards the world, it can severely disturb the mental balance. The best solution, although quite radical, is to cut yourself off from this type of person, because each subsequent meeting may deepen a bad mood and even lead to depression.

Mental health and assertiveness

In order to maintain mental health, it is important to remember about a very important element, which is the ability to say no. Giving in to the pressure of the environment against oneself may lead to a serious disturbance of the mental balance. To prevent this from happening, learn to express your own opinion and set clear boundaries for other people. Self-awareness is a very important element in maintaining mental health.

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