Best Email Marketing Strategies for Beginner: Benefits, Templates & Tips

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Beginner: Benefits, Templates & Tips:

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Beginner: Benefits, Templates & Tips

Email marketing is a tried and tested strategy for small businesses looking to increase customer loyalty and promote their products and services.

A survey conducted in the USA found that approximately 35% of marketers send regular e-mails to their clients. But since most of them are big brands, small businesses have a real opportunity to step in and connect with customers on a whole new platform. And with 73% of millennials 1 preferring to get business messages via email more than any other marketing channel - now may be the perfect time to invest in email marketing 2.

The good news is, it's easy to set up your own email marketing strategy. All you need is an incentive to click on a link that grabs the attention of customers browsing your inbox.

Read on to find out about our top tips and templates to help you build a high-performing email marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a special type of online advertising that combines direct and digital marketing strategies. It includes sending emails to potential and existing customers to promote your services or products.

Email marketing is a simple, time-effective marketing solution for small businesses, especially since the process can be automated. You can use this channel to promote your offer, highlight a new product or service, and keep customers interested in your brand.

Note: You will need permission to send emails to potential or existing customers. To do this, add a registration form to your website to generate a list of subscribers who choose to receive your email. 

What are the benefits of email marketing?

In the first quarter of 2020, digital advertising expenditure exceeded PLN 1 billion - so it is a channel that brings results to many brands and companies. Here are just some of the key benefits of email marketing for your business.

1. It's profitable

E-mail is one of the most profitable marketing channels. In fact, it's a completely free way to reach your customers.

If you are planning a campaign on a budget, email marketing may be the solution. You don't have to pay postage, printing fees, or branding fees - unlike many traditional forms of marketing.

2. Allows for targeted and timely messaging

99% of consumers check their inboxes daily 3. This means you can set up your newsletters to reach your audience at the most convenient times.

Furthermore, introducing a subscriber service means that you will only target select people who are actively interested in your brand and are engaged. You can even narrow it down even further to group your audience - from age to location - to really reach the right audience with your email campaign.

3. Configuration is very easy

With so many third-party platforms to automate email campaigns, it's very easy to set up and monitor your email marketing. Once you've set your goals and got your subscriber list, all you need is strong text and the right colors/images to get your customers interested.

4. It should improve your income

Since email marketing is so profitable, getting even just one sale from your email campaign can provide a positive return on investment. In addition, effective email marketing makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase with an attractive offer, a call to action, and a direct payment link.

5. Success is easy to measure

By focusing on one channel of your marketing strategy, it's easier to track and measure the success of a particular campaign or overall marketing efforts.

Most platforms will have a feature where you can monitor conversions and click-through rates, making it easy to get an overview of which campaigns are working and which are not, and whether you should redirect some of your resources elsewhere.

6. Greater potential for customer engagement

Your customers will need to actively sign up for email marketing - which means you'll start with a certain level of trust and brand loyalty. Be creative with your campaigns - send customer surveys and share information about your brand.

Email marketing strategy templates

There are many free or inexpensive services, tools, and templates available to help you implement your email marketing strategy. Here are a few of them:

MailChimp - Access to over 100 email marketing templates and newsletter designs, distribute up to 2,000 contacts for free.


HubSpot - Download one of 15 email templates for marketing and sales, covering everything from PR to customer testimonials.

ZOHO Campaigns - Create, send and track email marketing in one central location with free templates, automation tools, and real-time analytics. 

Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Email marketing can be an effective and valuable channel for your marketing efforts. But with so many brands following a given fad, it's easy to get lost in the customer's inbox.

Here are five tips for building an effective email marketing strategy:

Encourage It's not enough just to ask your customers to sign up for your newsletter. You have to give them reasons - such as exclusive offers or discounts.

Define your goals. Why are you sending these emails? Are you focusing on driving traffic to your site or driving sales through repeat customers?

Divide subscribers into groups. With a growing list of subscribers, you can start categorizing them by interests, personality, and more. This allows you to create more targeted, personalized email messages.

Automate the process. Set a schedule, decide who the e-mail should be directed to, and let the tool do the work for you.

Track your success. Regularly check the success of your email campaigns to see what works for your subscribers and what doesn't. Pay attention to click-through rates, conversions, and any unsubscribes.

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