Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students

Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students


6 ways to earn extra money from college without leaving your home.

During the last webinar, I confessed to my little secret. I announced to all and sundry that I was going to create a course for effective learning. A course during which I myself will help you step by step in introducing and adapting the techniques of effective and efficient learning to your requirements. What does this have to do with earning money? Oh well, I was asked what about my idea for a book on money management in college. In fact, this plan is definitely shifting in time! That's why I decided to start telling more about it on the blog, so as not to leave you completely unaware. During my studies, I traveled a lot and I didn't deny myself what I really wanted. I also did not go to work, and yet I did not complain about scarcity.

Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students

Why didn't I work while studying? (Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students)

It would be totally impossible for me in the first year. Anyone who has read at least a few blog entries knows what health problems got me at the beginning of my student adventure. It's not totally about complaining, because actually, it was a lucky misfortune for me. It was just because I was going through semester 1 so hard that I realized I needed to improve the way I learn, otherwise I won't take too long. And then I spent all my free time studying. Even the food had to be fast. I am very different from that Ania, but I don't remember if we had people in the 1st year who worked and studied. So I wanted in this text to show ways to "earn extra money", and not to earn money. I will not write here that you can write texts for the web on request and solve surveys for pennies. My time mattered to me. I did not want to spend 30 minutes filling in the questionnaire, for which I would get 2 zlotys.

"6 ways to earn extra money from college without leaving your home"

1. Combine student, let your money not pass away!

I was receiving a social grant from which I paid for my flat. When I finally gained time for myself, I decided to focus on developing my blog instead of a temporary job. I wanted to make choices that would affect my development, not only the condition of my wallet. Somehow, I decided that I did not need money in college for all my whims, new shoes, pants, cosmetics. I gave up getting items that I didn't necessarily need, but only wanted to have because fashion or advertising made me believe it. I wrote more about it in the text about my approach to consumerism. In the beginning, it was reflected in the fact that I often visited second-hand shops, but with time, this need totally left me. All in all, I'm curious, did you also have that when you were younger you were crazy about second hands, and with the time you got over it? ;) - Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students.

How they give it a bier! : D

I've never been a contest fanatic, but I have participated in contests and won quite a lot of cool stuff in them! The first was the Kindle I wrote about on the blog and I will never forget the award and the situation that pushed it into my hands. Besides, I won a lot of cosmetics that I didn't have to buy automatically. My boyfriend and I also won various alcohols. Recently I won a gyroplane flight over Katowice at the technology and inventions fair and I am looking forward to it! These mini helicopters will soon be used as air taxis in Silesia. It sounds like something totally future for me! I will definitely show the flight report on my Instagram. It is enough to take part in contests. This is the whole key to success.

How to save money?

First, I've always been pretty good at saving the money I received. Whether it was for my birthday, Children's Day, Christmas, etc. I was able to save everything that I got for a specific purpose, which was usually traveling. In terms of gifts, it was a huge step for me to understand that people (attention) cannot read minds. People may not know what we really need. If you live in a city other than your family, study, come back only for weekends, and not all of them, it is obvious that you do not have time to talk to yourself about everything. Topic: Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students. Your family and even close friends with whom you are not studying may not know what you need or dream about right now.

That's why I decided to create a dream list, which I send to my family before Christmas or before my birthday. It's a simple Pinterest board with things that would be useful to me, that I like. I've also pinned my reading list. Thanks to this, I didn't spend any money on the items I wanted to have. Patching the holes where the money can escape from my wallet was the first move towards having that money.

Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students

2. The easiest way to make easy money.

When it comes to specific sources of income, it's totally the best and easiest source for me was cash from banks. At the beginning, it was amazing for me that for setting up an account and making several card payments, I would get PLN 100-200. With free accounts! I regret that when I discovered these shares, I had 2 accounts opened directly in the bank because I lost about PLN 200-400 with such a move! Oh yes, the commission went to the bank employee instead of my pocket. By creating promotional accounts, I already had an account with most banks. Alior, mBank, Millenium, Raiffeisen, BGŻ, Nest Bank, PKO BP ... There is not much to choose from. I have already closed most of these accounts and probably after a year or two, I will be able to use the opportunities offered by banks again. While banks will still want to pay customers for opening accounts. Several such actions are currently underway. For example, Millennium now gives PLN 200 for opening an account, BGŻ BNP, and PLN 300 for BGŻ BNP PARIBAS.

In general, when it comes to cinema tickets, it was such a year that I didn't buy them at all, and went to the cinema every week! Once I got 10, another time 5, all from bank promotions. I have already done free shopping at Biedronka and H&M. Still all thanks to banking promotions.

3. Earn money on your own business - the company is legal without registration and ZUS!

This year, there is another fantastic opportunity for students. Do you know you can run a company without registering it? Without paying for ZUS and contributions? You can just sell your services or products, invoice them (special programs are used for this), you may have costs. You can operate in this way as long as the activity generates less than PLN 1,050 in revenue. Kasia Pszonicka wrote more on this topic on her blog in the text:  Company without registration. If you have any idea for an e-book, or you create jewelry, paint pictures, sew, you can safely sell it without worrying about the Tax Office. Of course, you must pay tax on every income, but the fact that you don't have to pay ZUS is fantastic! In the end, things were made easier for the students to give private lessons! I think every student should consider this option. (Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students)

4. Refunds for purchases.

I wrote a little above about limiting purchases wisely, but it is obvious that we have to buy things. Now I was doing a year without shopping for clothes and I'll tell you that it's not that great! A lot of things have been damaged for me and I have to do more shopping to complete my wardrobe. But I will tell you about it in a separate post! If we have to buy, let's do it wisely. For example, you can use Refunder, which will return you a certain percentage of the value for each purchase. What? It depends on the store. But a penny to a penny and you will get a hen (They say they have a similar saying in Croatia, but it is about an elephant.: D)

5. Where to get money for travel?

Once I wrote a text about how I collect money for travel. I believe it is still very relevant! Although I do not use many of these methods anymore, for college students they are like a glove! Couchsurfing is a great idea to get to know the local culture and customs, but I totally advise against it in Italy! I sent about 100 inquiries there and each of the respondents wanted to fuck me ... My friends had similar impressions.

Are you already using AIRBNB? It is a platform for renting apartments or rooms. By registering with my link you will receive PLN 100 for the first night, but that's not all! Then you can pass your link on to another person. For example, a boy/sister/friend who will also get PLN 100, and you PLN 50. So it may happen that if you travel with the person with whom you share the code, you will save about PLN 250 on accommodation! And even if you do not go on a trip together, you can get PLN 50 for each person who goes somewhere using your referral link. I wrote more about AIRBNB in ​​this article.

6. Sell your photos and videos!

If you like taking a lot of photos, you are an esthete, why not start making money from them? Or at least, as I put it in the title "extra money". Just register on one of the websites that offer such an opportunity and upload a few photos of your authorship from time to time. The photos sell themselves, you don't have to control it, and you can always collect something for small expenses. ;) You can sell photos on EyeEm and Foap.com, while the second application also allows you to sell videos.

In my opinion, an important step to having more money beyond skillful saving is knowing how to seize opportunities. That is, refunds for purchases, winning everyday items in the competition, or one day on vacation for free thanks to a discount from AIRBNB. In addition, a few hundred bucks, and sometimes even thousands from banks and reasonable management of money received from relatives. In college, I always took my mother's food with me to spend as little money as possible. A cent spent on food during the week was for me a cent unspent on travel/flight/accommodation. So I appreciated this Jagiełło as well as every other king in my wallet. And you worship the kings, they disperse so fast.

I am very curious what are your ways of earning extra money during your studies? Maybe we can create such a small encyclopedia of this topic on the web? :) So please send the post to a person who needs it or who you think can help us!

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