Kissing the coronavirus

Kissing the coronavirus

Dating and Coronavirus: Can You Still Kiss, Have Sex, and Dating While Social Distancing?

Kissing the coronavirus

Sorry to say it, but the answer is no, it shouldn't be, with a few exceptions.

Question: I want to know what to do about dating and the coronavirus. What should I do if I'm in a relationship with someone - we can't kiss or have sex if we are still close anyway and we would have infected each other anyway? What if we're just getting to know someone… are there any types of dating or sexual activities that don't put us at risk? Help!

Answer: Information on the global spread of COVID-19 seems to change every few hours. The range of acceptable behavior during a global pandemic is like a moving shield, and it's hard to hit what really puts us and our community at risk. Sex, love, can be things that cause special confusion because obviously in times of stress and uncertainty, all we want is to seek intimacy. And the truth is, in the midst of a pandemic, being physically close is the easiest way for the virus to spread.

The list of official guidelines on how to stop the spread of the virus continues to grow every day, especially where there are sudden and large-scale outbreaks. We are told to practice social distancing by staying at home, avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and using drive-through or home delivery options to stock up on food if possible. For families who live in the same place, it is obviously difficult to keep your distance at home, although there are some recommendations on how to do this. If we have to be careful in order to prevent viral contamination in our own homes, we are sorry to say so, but we must also take precautions with our partners and partners. In other words, dating and coronavirus just don't go hand in hand.

If we are not living with our partner, we should and should try to limit physical contact as much as possible and not come closer to each other than 1.5-2 meters if we are seeing each other in person. This may sound quite stringent, especially as some data and studies show that younger people do not appear to be as severely affected by the coronavirus as older people.

The risk of a serious illness increases with age and overall health deteriorating. And it's fairly easy to agree with the logic of accepting that if one gets sick, the other gets sick, and the chances of both of them recover are enormous. But actively avoiding physical contact reduces the exposure of the less resistant and therefore more susceptible to infection, including those we care about and are close to.

Even if you are a teenager or a teenager or young adult, "you should stop [maintaining physical contact with your partner] to make contact with other people - not only with whom you are in a relationship or relationship, but with your family, grandma or grandpa, "says Dr. Michael Chang, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of Texas in Houston. " The results of your decisions at this point go way beyond the two of you. "

This means that whenever you are very close to each other - be it by kissing or engaging in any sexual activity or just cuddling - you run the risk of contracting the virus.

How exactly the virus spreads is still unknown, but we know from scientists and scientists that it is a droplet route - from the nose and mouth - through saliva and nasal discharge. Doctors and medical practitioners also believe that the virus may be present in the digestive system, says Dr. Chang, and any anal sexual activity can also be risky. "If you engage in any type of sexual activity, it is highly likely that saliva is everywhere," says Dr. Chang. "Even if COVID-19 is not a classic sexually transmitted infection, there are certainly many opportunities for it to spread during the rapprochement." Even if you are doing something that is not directly related to the use of saliva, such as hand sex or penetration without kissing,

This is official advice. But, of course, we understand: It would take a lot of self-denial and discipline to deny yourself an oxytocin-filled pleasure from your partner during this stressful time. So we will give you some realistic advice now:

if you are in a committed relationship and choose to spend time with that one person and you seek solace in this monogamous partner through sex, cuddling, and physical intimacy, just understand that it poses a risk, just like with any other person with whom you are in contact.

When asked about the issue of social distancing by three experts and experts, Carolyn Cannuscio, director of research at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Public Health Initiatives, said: then you can be as close as you like. " However, these three experts referred to the situation of couples who live together and therefore have knowledge of who the other person is in contact with outside the home. If your partner is sick, you must avoid contact, but remember that the medical community is certain that you can be infected with coronavirus even if you are not ill and have no symptoms.

With all this in mind, it is absolutely necessary to discuss your partner's habits before we see you - make sure they are at home whenever possible, wash their hands, and take other precautions. If this is a person who makes you feel safe, loved, or loved, then there is nothing wrong with considering you and assuming that you may have specific mental health benefits from it. But if you don't live together, it's hard to know exactly how vulnerable the person you are dating has been related to their contact with other people, including family. Of course, if you decide to have intimacy with your partner, there are risks and must be taken into account due to the moral responsibility that every person should feel, spreading the virus and protecting those most at risk.

However, when you are just getting to know each other, your strong will should remain strong. If you are in the early stages of a romance or relationship, you can really develop an emotional connection with a new person through writing or video calling. There are many creative and fun ways to even have sex online if you are already in this stage.

This digital connection actually fosters an atmosphere of expectation and at the same time allows you to maintain a high moral standard in caring for the elderly in your life. And since we (almost) all stay at home anyway, no important social events are missing from the relationship. And you can invest some screen time in new fledgling relationships. And there's always some value added to that caution at a rather terrifying time, besides protecting the people we love: it's going to be a great story that we'll retell later. 

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