11 successful people who started with failure

 11 successful people who started with failure

11 successful people who started with failure

You will be surprised to learn how some outstanding individuals who have gained great fame started their path to success. Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, and many others started off with a series.

You will be surprised to learn how some outstanding individuals who have gained great fame started their path to success. Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, and many others started with a series of bitter defeats and yet with their heads held high they climbed to the heights of success.

In this article, you will learn a short story of 11 successful people selected by me who managed to break the losing streak. Let it be an inspiration and an important lesson for you that when you have difficult times, you can draw conclusions and go boldly on.

For the list below, I chose people known to everyone - that's why I will not introduce these celebrities, and will immediately start describing their stories. Read about each of these people carefully because their achievements are truly inspiring. 

1. Henry Ford

Already in his youth, he was fascinated with all kinds of technology. At first, he thought about starting the mass production of cheap watches. Later he became interested in cars. Unfortunately, his first few companies went bankrupt, and he left the Cadillac Motor Company himself after quarreling with shareholders. It was only when he was 44 years old that he introduced the Ford T. By introducing a movable production line and limiting production to one model and color (black), he could significantly reduce the price of the car, which revolutionized the American automotive market. By 1927, it had sold over 15 million T Ford cars.

2. Michael Jordan

He started out by playing basketball with his older brother in the backyard. He kept winning with him, but Michael kept going. When he was in high school, he initially played for the football and baseball teams. After that, he decided to switch to basketball but did not make it to the school's basketball team. It wasn't until the next grade that he managed to start playing as a winger. After that, everything went his way - his college team successes led him to the NBA league.

3. Winston Churchill

His path to success was not easy. He had a lot of problems already in primary school. In the end, he had to move to another school, because that one exhausted him mentally. When he was an adult, he tried his hand at the army. Once he went to Africa as a war correspondent - his train was ambushed and he himself was taken prisoner in a POW camp. Fortunately, he managed to get away from it. Winston Churchill later switched to politics. Before becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain at the age of 62, he repeatedly lost elections to enter Parliament. In the end, however, he succeeded and became a great leader, receiving the Nobel Prize and honorary citizenship of the United States.

4. Stephen King

The first book by this world-famous horror writer did not have an easy start. Carrie, because that was the title of the book, was repeatedly rejected by publishers. The resigned King threw the novel into the trash! Fortunately, his wife saved the manuscript and encouraged the author to continue his work. King sent the novel to Doubleday and forgot about it. After some time, he got an offer to release Carrie for 2.5 thousand. dollars, and when the book turned out to be a hit, the publishing house offered him 400 thousand. dollars for the second edition. During this period of his life, he had many problems with alcohol, which he struggled with for a total of 10 years. Now Stephen King is considered the richest writer in the world - over 35 years of his career he has already earned over $ 2 billion.

5. Walt Disney

The beginnings of his career were a challenge to his character. When he started working for a newspaper, he was quickly fired because, according to the editor, he lacked imagination and good ideas. Then he tried his hand at various business ventures, most of which ended in complete failure. It was only when he tried his hand at the film industry that he began to achieve great success. In 1931, he won an Oscar for inventing Mickey Mouse. In total, Walt Disney has received 46 nominations and 26 American Academy Awards!

6. Albert Einstein

The famous physicist had difficulty learning to speak and read as a young child. In one of his letters he wrote, "My parents were worried because I started talking too late and they asked a doctor for help because of that. I cannot say how old I was then, but certainly not less than three". Einstein didn't learn to read until the age of seven. Nevertheless, he managed to quickly make up for the losses, and shortly after he entered school, he began to receive extraordinary academic results.

7. Thomas Edison

The official education of this inventor ended at the stage of primary school. According to the teachers, he asked too many questions and didn't do his homework at all. After he was expelled from school, he began to study at home with his father. In his youth, he founded an "invention factory" with the goal of making breakthrough discoveries every six months and less important every 10 days. After inventing the light bulb, Edison founded the Edison Electric Light Company, which in 1911 transformed into General Electric, which is still operating (now the world's largest capital company).

8, 9, 10, 11. The Beatles

These four friends who changed the world of music forever also had a difficult start. When they went to London to one of the music labels (Decca Records) they heard: "We don't like your sound, and guitar music goes out of style". Well, they didn't know how wrong they were then. And that was by far the biggest mistake in the history of the record industry. This unpleasant beginning did not discourage the Beatles from looking for a publisher and soon (after a small reshuffle in the band's composition) they managed to sign a contract with the EMI label. The Beatles' further story is an avalanche of successes.

The conclusion from the above stories is very simple - when you have enough determination, even the most difficult obstacles will not stand in your way of success. I wonder how many potentially outstanding people missed this very important success factor, so instead of changing the course of history, they gave up after their first or second defeat. Hundreds? Thousands?

Regardless of whether you want to be a great inventor or just want to pursue your own dreams - be persistent and confidently take the next steps towards your goal. And if you want to learn how to do it from start to finish, check out Life Architect - Design Your Life and Act.

Perhaps you have faced some challenges yourself in your own way to your goals? If so, please share your story in the comments on how you overcame these difficulties!

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