How to cheaply insure a car in England?

A Pole in Great Britain can earn good money, but he must also take into account much larger expenses, e.g. on car insurance. The average price of a compulsory policy is much higher than in Poland, but you can save on it.

In this article you will learn:

  • Can a car be insured in Poland on British registration plates?
  • Can a car registered in Poland be driven in England?
  • How to cheaply find third party liability insurance in England?
  • Can you take advantage of Polish discounts?
  • Discounts from England in Poland

In Poland, many customers complain about the high price of insurance, but compared with Western European countries, our hostel is very cheap. For example, in England, " Third-party" insurance (the equivalent of our third party liability insurance ) ranges from several hundred to even several thousand pounds, which may constitute a significant part of the value of your car. No wonder that more and more car owners with a Polish passport are thinking about buying a civil liability insurance policy in Poland, where compulsory insurance also costs several hundred or several thousand ... not pounds, but much cheaper Polish zlotys.

Can a car be insured in Poland on British registration plates?

Unfortunately, the current regulations in the European Union do not provide for the conclusion of a policy in a country where the car is not registered. The Polish act of 22 May 2003 on compulsory insurance states that the third-party liability insurance policy is terminated, inter alia, when a motor vehicle is registered abroad (Art. 33). In practice, this means that Polish insurance companies will not accept a car registered in any foreign country for insurance coverage.

The exception is the import of the car to Poland - some insurance companies agree to take out a policy for the VIN only until registration formalities are completed, but one of the key conditions is deregistering the car from the country of origin, thanks to which there is no risk that the customer will insure the vehicle in Poland to drive it abroad. In the case of cars imported from Great Britain, an additional problem is the location of the steering wheel. It is located on the left, so to register such a car in Poland, you need to modify it (in accordance with the regulations) or make a so-called "Spacer".

Can a car registered in Poland be driven in England?

Another popular idea is to register the car with Polish registration numbers. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Yes, you can drive in England with Polish civil liability insurance, but to be able to register a car in Poland ... you have to adapt it to Polish regulations, i.e. modify it so that it can move safely in a right-hand traffic.

Therefore, we absolutely do not recommend buying a car in the UK, modifications (headlights, mirrors, and meter) or a steering wheel spacer, registration on the Vistula River, and returning to England to drive - let's say - a modified Vauxhall (because even Opel must have a different name in Great Britain ). Safety issues aside, a rather costly maneuver would not save us a lot.

How to cheaply find third party liability insurance in England?

The range of insurance prices is enormous and for the same "Third-party" policy you can pay up to several hundred pounds more if you choose the first insurance company. It is therefore worth comparing the offers of at least a dozen companies. The easiest way to do it, of course, is through one of the comparison websites. There are at least several dozen online insurance comparison websites in Great Britain. Popular websites include,,,, or Each of them offers the possibility of purchasing an insurance policy directly, and the price is usually lower than that of a stationary agent.

If you have insured cars in Poland, you know that third party liability insurance is for the car, not the driver, and virtually anyone can sit "behind the wheel" of the insured car. In England, it is different - the policy is issued for a specific user, so always when concluding a "Third-party" you must clearly define who will be driving the car. When calculating the offer, insurers generally ask about similar issues as in Poland, such as driving license experience, residential address, car year, and engine capacity.

In addition, do not be surprised if the form asks for fines for traffic violations in the last 5 years and the declared annual mileage (expressed in miles of course). In order not to overpay for English third party liability insurance, think about who will actually use the car - the more drivers you report, the more expensive the policy will be. On the other hand, you must be aware that if the damage is caused by an unreported user, it will be a crime under island law. criminal. In such a situation, the insurer will pay compensation to the injured person but will demand a refund of the amount paid (such regulations also apply in Poland, but not in the case of an undeclared driver, but for example under the influence of drugs).

Can you take advantage of Polish discounts?

Fortunately, British insurance companies also take into account the so-called no claims bonus or no claim discount, which is a system of discounts for claim-free driving. If you insured your car in Poland, you can take advantage of the discounts worked out in our country, as some insurers will honor them. Remember, however, that although Polish is becoming more and more popular in the UK, the certificate of the motor insurance course from Poland should be translated into English by a sworn translator.

It's best to do such a translation in Poland - it will certainly cost less than in the UK. Thanks to this certificate, you can get discounts of up to 75% for damage-free driving. Most often, the maximum discounts are in England after documenting a 5-year, collision-free insurance course, but sometimes you can count on additional bonuses for clients with longer experience without damage.

Another chance to reduce the costs of the mandatory "Third-party" is to complete the Pass Plus course. The obtained certificate means that many insurers will reduce the price of the policy. The training can be very useful, especially for those coming from the country with right-hand traffic - it teaches confidence at the wheel in various conditions, e.g. in the city, on the highway, on country roads, or at night. There is a fee for the course, but considering that you will pay a lower premium for your policy, it can be quite profitable (especially since you don't have to repeat the course every year).

Discounts from England in Poland

Many of our compatriots in the UK take root, start a family, and do not intend to return to their homeland, but if you are a group of Poles who plan to return to the country, be sure to ask the British insurer for the equivalent of an English car insurance certificate and take your last policy to Poland.

Most Polish companies will recognize years of claim-free driving from abroad, so thanks to this you can save a lot. If you do not know which companies will accept UK discounts, call one of our agents by phone at 22 27 000 00 after purchasing a car. You can also calculate the offer first on our website to have a comparison of the insurance market in Poland. And how? Civil liability insurance much cheaper than in England? Welcome to Poland.

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