Attorney car accident - How to choose a good car accident attorney - advises a lawyer from BBNR in New York

How to choose a good car accident attorney - advises a lawyer from BBNR in New York

Attorney car accident: Five useful and important points about car accidents in New York:

  1. If anyone is injured in a traffic accident, call the police and an ambulance.
  2. Ask the driver (or drivers) for details and make a note of the driving license, license plate numbers, insurance details, car type and model, registration number, and name and address.
  3. Details of any witnesses to the accident should be requested if there are any witnesses there.
  4. Photograph the scene of the accident, all four sides of the car and the injuries (bruises, scratches, etc.)
  5. Please contact BBNR, an experienced law firm specializing in accidents, within seven days of the event.

Quite recently, just a few months ago, our client received nearly half a million dollars in a settlement in a case that the lawyer he had referred to previously considered an unviable case. This case concerned Mr. R., 46, employed by a Manhattan car dealership as a driver to escort cars to a car park for inspection or repair.

One day, Mr. R. was going to park the taxi that had just arrived for an appointment. He was just opening the driver's door when he was suddenly hit by a hired luggage trailer attached to a passing car. The man was hit on his right hip, and the speeding trailer pushed the cab door, tearing it off its hinges. The victim was taken to the emergency room in the nearest hospital. Later that day he returned home with the recommendation to continue the treatment with the orthopedist.

The driver of the car who caused the accident, by giving a statement, defended himself by claiming that the man he had hit had opened the taxi door while another car was passing him, which he shouldn't have done. He also added that the injured person had not checked whether another car was approaching. In his opinion, the blame for the accident was entirely borne by Mr. R. The perpetrator of the accident also resorted to the last argument, claiming that, as the husband of a person employed in the diplomatic corps of another country, he is protected by diplomatic immunity and thus exempt from criminal liability.

The first lawyer to whom Mr. R. approached, after a short time decided that he was not interested in a case which, in his opinion, had no chance of winning. Mr. R. then turned to our law firm, i.e. BBNR, in the hope that we would be able to help him. After examining all the documents and considering the legal aspects of the case, we decided to help Mr. R. and accepted his case. Our client suffered from a disc protrusion (hernia) in the cervical spine with severe pain in both hands. Mr. R. eventually had to decide on a spine surgery to relieve him of his suffering. The second operation that Mr. R. underwent was arthroscopy of the left arm in order to repair the damaged tendon. Our law firm represented Mr. R.

Already this year, shortly before the scheduled date of the court hearing, a mediation conference was held between the lawyers representing the parties, during which the compensation was set at $ 450,000. If our client agreed with the first lawyer he approached, he would have lost nearly half a million dollars.

A person injured as a result of any accident should always refer to a law firm experienced in this type of case. BBNR is a company of great prestige, built in the state of New York for forty years. Please note that it is easy to find an advertisement for an accident attorney, but the advertiser does not necessarily have the relevant experience. Sometimes lawyers accept cases and then pass them on to other experienced law firms, then claiming successes that they had nothing to do with.

Over the past 20 years, I have conducted numerous cases in various New York State courts, leading to favorable settlements and multi-million dollar court verdicts. We only handle cases that come to us directly from the client, and we never transfer our cases to other law firms. We are always ready to answer any question of a potential customer. You can be sure that I will personally speak to anyone who calls me. We deal with all kinds of accidents, as well as cases of medical malpractice, compensation for accidents at work and cases of disability pensions from social insurance (Social Security Disability). You can communicate with us in Polish, Spanish and Russian.

At our law firm Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum (BBNR), each lawyer is designated to appear in court, each with over twenty years of practice. Our law firm also takes legal action with its own cases. You will find a list of verdicts, settlements, appeals and interpellations brought to court, as well as many opinions and assessments of our clients.

If you have been injured in an accident, call our law firm Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum at 212-808-0448. Visit at www. All consultations and legal advice are free of charge and you do not incur any costs until we win your case.

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