How to stop worrying about the future - How to stop worrying about what other people say

How to stop worrying about the future - How to stop worrying about what other people say

How to stop worrying about the future - How to stop worrying about what other people say

For some people, the negative words and opinions of others are the greatest source of suffering. By giving permission to manipulate themselves emotionally with words, they themselves create this suffering. Perhaps you, too, sometimes allow others to be influenced in this way.

It is high time you let go of this completely. It will give you ease and confidence no matter what others say. Be it at work, at school, in the store, while talking to your parents or someone close to you. So how do you become emotionally free and feel the way you want regardless of what others say?

Let me tell you a story. About a boy who had ambitions. This boy is John, who is 16 years old and is beginning to enter the mature world. She begins to dream about who she can become in the future. He would like to become a scientist who studies chemical phenomena. He has poor grades at school, but that doesn't put him off. She buys a chemistry book and starts reading. However, the parents do not like it. According to them, John should study and have good grades, because only in this way John will be able to get a good job. Therefore, quarrels between John and his parents begin. In several of them, Johnny heard from his mother that he was useless. That it is hopeless.

Unfortunately for him, Johnny believed it. Because if mum says so, it means it's true. With great sadness, he put down his chemistry book and began to study the history he disliked so much (which was why he faced a one at the end of the semester). All the years that followed, he had told himself that he was hopeless, that he was useless. He did not take up any challenges, he did not participate in any initiatives. He saw no future for himself. Until one day, in high school, his friend told him something very important ...

We will come back to Jasio later. But now I want to tell you how to become emotionally free. How to stop being a puppet that is easily manipulated by other people's words.

Perhaps you have been insulted in some way by someone saying that you are useless. Perhaps he stated that you play poorly or that you have no sense of humor. Whatever it was, it could have somehow influenced your life and how you felt over a period of time.

You probably did not know then that any opinion can affect you only and then ... if you believe it. Every time you felt negative emotions as a result of what someone told you, you had to believe it to a greater or lesser extent. Otherwise, no opinion or insult would make you feel that way. And just because you were able to believe how someone else spoke badly about you, it means that you didn't have enough beliefs about yourself. That you gave them the authority that told you to believe them, not yourself.

Topic: "How to stop worrying about the future"

Believing someone else's opinion about you is your problem, not the person who said it. You can shout to the loudspeakers that "he offended me!" The person making a negative judgment about you has probably only said it once. On the other hand, you could have said it to yourself hundreds of times, worsening your emotional state each time. If you believe when someone tells you "you are uncultured!", Then you think about yourself - you allow yourself to be aware of the fact that it may be true. And only this is the cause of negative emotions. Not the fact that that person said that!

Take responsibility for your emotions because you trigger them. Every emotion is the result of thoughts in your head. Depending on what beliefs you have about yourself and what images of the future you create, this is how you feel every day. Until you take this responsibility, you will be a slave to other people's words and opinions. You will believe something that is a great fiction - that others can control and influence your emotions.

Why would you get angry or hurt when someone voices an opinion about you that threatens your ego? Feeling these emotions will significantly worsen your ability to act intelligently in such situations. This state of affairs can lead you to actions that you will regret later. Only peace and composure will give you the opportunity to act consciously and make wise decisions.

The responsibility is on your side because NOBODY can influence your emotions without your permission. If you say someone pissed you off, it's only because you let it. Understanding this is the first and most important step to emotional freedom.

Leaving aside the fact that 95% of what people say is not even their opinion. If someone is saying unpleasant words at you, it is much more likely that they are simply intentionally trying to trigger a negative emotional reaction in you. If you agree to it, you give them an open license to manipulate you. Words are just tools. In the case of negative opinions, most often they do not even correspond to the real beliefs of that person but are only the result of their emotional state. Look back and think about how many times have you heard the sentence from your loved ones: "but I didn't mean it"?

So what an idiotic idea it was to believe words that weren't even true for the person who was saying them! Despite this, most people in the world are tortured into believing false opinions, which were expressed solely for the purpose of eliciting such a reaction. The moment you become aware of it, you gain freedom. You begin to understand how it works, and finally, have the ability to wisely decide what to believe and what not.

Topic: "How to stop worrying about the future"

Remember that the words of others can only hurt you when you give them some meaning. And before the emotional response comes, there is some space in which you can make a decision about how you will feel.

If you ever get hurt by other people's words again, it will be a very important moment - because at this point you will discover your weak point. This will mean that you still have strings that other people can pull freely.

Until now, people who had a negative opinion of you could be called enemies, but now they will become your best teachers. Because if their words have a negative impact on you, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will find that point in yourself that you can work on. And the next time you will be even stronger, and any negative opinion will no longer have such an impact on you.

Your goal is a moment in life where no matter what someone says about you or about something important to you or a person, you will be able to choose to feel as great as you just did. This is called emotional freedom where you consciously decide how you want to think and act. Who knows, maybe you are free right now when you finish reading this article. Often times, just a small stimulus is needed for you to take the next big step on your development path.

What's up with our hero? One day Jan's friend told him something very important. He told him that he didn't have to believe what his parents once told him. That the words "you're good for nothing" are complete nonsense and that Johnny spoils his life by believing in them. And it was a very important moment in Jasio's life, because then he stopped believing in all the negative things that his parents or other people had ever told him. He started to believe only what he wanted to believe, and it changed his whole life. He had a year to graduate, so he began to study chemistry, which he was so passionate about. He went to good studies and became what he always wanted to become.

Topic: "How to stop worrying about the future"

And who would you like to be? What would you like to be? Take your life into your own hands and follow the advice I have included in this article.

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