How to build self-confidence

How to build self-confidence

How to build self-confidence essay

If you feel that you lack self-confidence, be sure to read this article. I will show you exactly what needs to be done to fool her, let go of irrational fear and start getting what you want. Absolutely anyone can learn this. A little change in the way you think about some things that will be needed here.

Below, I will describe exactly how to increase your confidence. What will you gain? Complete freedom and no stress when performing in front of more people. Peace of mind and confidence when meeting new people. Perseverance in achieving your goals. And most importantly, you will finally start to really decide about your life.

Useless fear

Self-confidence is thinking in the right way and doing things in your head that is the opposite of fear or fear of the unknown. You see, in these times fear is a factor that sabotages all our actions. Once upon a time, when our ancestors fought for survival in the woods, fear was very important for the species to survive. Now, however, this feeling has gripped most people's lives and prevents them from functioning normally.

In 99% of cases, fear is useless and irrational. Times have changed and we are afraid of the most ordinary everyday situations. How many times have you been afraid of an exam or meeting a new person? Think about what this fear gave you? I think you would have fared much better in the above situations if you were calm and confident. Self-confidence is not only useful in everyday life. Do you want to make your dreams come true? Great achievements need courageous action. If you want to act boldly, you have to be confident.

First, we will deal with what is self-confidence as an approach to the world around us, and then how to increase self-confidence. Changing attitudes and beliefs will give us confidence in a deeper and more lasting level. And that's what you focus on the most (first 3 paragraphs). Next, I will describe a few exercises to learn how to increase your confidence on an emotional level. It's less durable because it wears off, but it can be really strong. So remember that self-confidence can be an emotion that, like joy, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It's worth learning how to induce it. However, the most important thing for you will be to change your approach to one where there will be no place for fear or fear of the unknown. About it below.

Relationship with yourself

The basis of self-confidence is acceptance of yourself. This is absolutely the most important thing. Be aware of all your flaws and accept them. Appreciate your worth. You are an absolutely unique individual and you deserve to feel great about yourself.

If you want to know what I mean, do the following exercise: Think about things about you that you are proud of. Think about everything, for example, you have interesting interests, a nice room, nice friends, or even that you play volleyball well. The very fact that you are reading this article shows that you are motivated to develop, and this is a reason to be proud! It's best to list these things - as many as you can. This way you will strengthen your self-esteem.

A significant part of my original multimedia self-confidence program Life Architect BOX  is devoted to practical exercises in the field of working on self-acceptance and strengthening self-esteem. This is the best way to achieve natural and genuine self-confidence.

Confident beliefs

Once you know your worth, it's time to change your mind. The greatest disease of mankind is the thought "what will others think?". Think about how many times you do something against yourself because someone else might think something strange. So many people let their lives be controlled by fear for the opinion of another.

How to increase self-confidence? You have to make a decision - you either want to decide about your own life, or it will be decided by others. Let people think what they want, what does it mean to you? You don't want to take a look at your life in a few years' time and notice that it is a product of "potential" thoughts and opinions of other people. I want to decide about my own life. Do you feel sick giving up on the things you want because you think someone might think something bad about you (and in most cases, they won't think anything like that)?

In my one-on-one work with people who lack confidence, it is always important to change these most limiting beliefs like "people will think I'm strange", "everyone will laugh at me", "they will look askance at me". These beliefs are the basis of the stress that arises when you are to act. Get rid of them and you'll take a really big step forward in building your confidence.

Paradoxically, when you say what you mean and act without fear for the opinion of others, this is how you gain great respect from those around you. People then see that you are sure of yours and that you deserve respect. So remember - it doesn't matter what other people think about you and your behavior. You alone decide about the quality of your life!

I have listed below beliefs that support self-confidence. Think of them as point-building thoughts that you want to try on for a few days. Act as if they were real in the near future. This is your small step towards finding the answer to the question of how to increase your confidence. Watch your thoughts and reactions change as you view the world through different glasses. Changing your beliefs is a very important part of working on your self-esteem.

Another issue is your comfort zone and its expansion. The comfort zone is a range of behaviors and situations in your life in which you feel comfortable, safe, and confident. Things that are outside your comfort zone create stress and insecurity in you. For example, approaching strangers at a party to make friends may be outside your comfort zone, but asking them for the time may be there.

The whole point is to expand this zone all the time and incorporate new elements of your life into it. When there is something in it, it will never cause you anxiety or stress. How to expand your comfort zone? Only by doing things that are outside of its boundaries. Because when you experience yourself that your fears didn't make sense, they won't arise anymore. Therefore, do the things that previously made you anxious every day. This is a very important step on how to increase your self-confidence.

Some examples. While walking down the street, smile honestly at strangers. While taking the tram or bus, sing a song under your breath while clearly moving your lips. Visit places in the city you've never been to. Talk to people you don't know on the street. Ask them for directions or opinions on something. Walkthrough the supermarket with one hand up. Go to the club alone and meet people. Jump into the fountain.

Ok, you've probably figured out what it is :) Such "missions" are definitely the best way to increase your self-confidence. Once you do them, your comfort zone will grow quickly and permanently, and so will your confidence. And this applies to all areas of life. Want to be more confident when performing in public? Perform in public as often as possible. Thanks to this approach, you will feel much better in many more contexts. Remember to feel your best when you do all these activities, with absolute ease and a sense of self-confidence.

Write down the activities you will be doing for the next week on a piece of paper. Choose from the above or create your own and enter one for each day. Start with the smallest things (e.g. smiling at people in the street), then choose more and more difficult activities. You will see that only at the beginning they will cause you a little stress. After a short time, you will even feel yourself becoming more and more confident. Once, after one of the training sessions I conducted, I and the participants went to the city center and started doing things that could be considered "strange" socially. After just an hour of this type of fun, most of us broke our barriers and there were ease and confidence.

If you need a good plan of tasks for each day, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Comfort Zone Expanding Program, which I included in my proprietary Life Architect BOX personal development program  - Build true self-confidence. These are 30 days of methods and exercises that will help you strengthen your self-esteem and self-esteem. This is the answer to the question of how to increase self-confidence in practice.

Self-confidence is an emotion

Another way to be confident is to trigger it by cranking up your emotions. You can make you feel a surge of courage and determination in certain situations. Below, I describe some exercises from Paul McKenna's book, "Confidence Is Good," to help you increase your confidence.

- Imagine that you are sitting in a chair with a slightly more confident version of you sitting in front of you. Now imagine that you are entering that person's body and become that person for a moment. Observe the world from her perspective and feel her emotions. In front of you, see an even more confident and relaxed version of yourself sitting in a chair. Play as her. Repeat these steps a few more times until you feel confident.

- Think of a person who is very confident. It may be a character from a movie. Imagine a situation in which this person displayed these qualities to the fullest. Then play this character and be him for a few moments. See-through her eyes and act like her. Leave her body and imagine yourself in some life situation, behaving like that person.

- Training in front of a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror. For the entire first minute, display moving films with you in the lead role in your imagination. See your future and your successful moments. Make the images vivid and colorful. Second minute: close your eyes and think of someone who loves you very much. Now open your eyes and see yourself through that person's eyes. Feel this sincere love. Compliment yourself throughout the third minute. Talk to yourself in a loud and confident inner voice and say only nice things. Do this exercise every day, you only need 3 minutes for it.

- Self-confidence and physiology. As you walk through town, walk upright with your chest stretched forward. Keep your head high and look straight ahead. Go slower than usual. Be completely relaxed, take some steps. Practice this posture until it becomes a habit. The very way of walking like this will trigger an emotion of self-confidence in you, and you will be perceived by others as a calm, determined, self-controlled, and confident person.

If you carefully deal with each of the aspects of self-confidence I have described, I guarantee you that you will increase its level significantly. It will help you at every step of your life. Let me know in the comments about the effects of your work!

And if you want to make a radical change in your self-confidence within 30 days, be sure to check out the previously mentioned Life Architect BOX program  - Build True Confidence.  This is the most effective, complete, and advanced self-confidence tool I have created so far. For 30 days, with training videos and audio exercises, I will be your personal confidence coach.

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