Saba Qamar made an important request to the people

Saba Qamar made an important request to the people

Famous Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has denied the attack on herself and her car.

Explaining the whole incident in the screenshot of the social networking website Instagram Story, actress Saba Qamar said that it was tweeted from Saba Qamar's fake account that it was unfortunate that I was going home today when some people attacked me. And stoned my car.

It was even said that what kind of a nation are we when a servant of Allah is apologizing for his mistake and still I am being targeted.

Remember that after the tweet went viral, Saba Qamar shared a screenshot of this tweet and tick talk on her Instagram story.

Explaining the tweet, Saba Qamar said that she was not attacked and that the tweet was made from a fake account.

The music video of the song of actress Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed went viral on social media on August 8 this month.

In the viral video, he was present at the historic Wazir Khan Mosque to shoot his new song.

Explaining this, the two artists apologized for hurting the people and assured that the part filmed inside the mosque would be removed from the video.

It should be noted that Saba Qamar, while requesting the fans to report on fake accounts, said that I am not even on Tik Tak, all these fake accounts have been created in my name and I want you all to report it

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