Pakistani women try to stop the spread of the virus after the opening of tourism

Pakistani women try to stop the spread of the virus after the opening of tourism

An organization called Root Network has begun work to help those affected by the prolonged shutdown of the tourism sector regain their businesses and stand on their own two feet while preventing the spread of the virus.

Provincial governments, including the federal government, have decided to reopen closed tourist spots several months later due to the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak, to help those affected by the prolonged closure return to business and return to normal. Some Pakistani women have joined hands to give.

The Root Network is providing support to people affected by the closure of tourist destinations in Pakistan, including training and giving them expert advice on how to get back on their feet, including a krona prevention kit.

The network is made up of women professional travelers who have a lot of experience visiting tourist destinations. Aniqa Ali, head of the network in Pakistan, told The Independent Urdu that their aim is to hone the skills of those involved in the tourism sector so that they can figure out how to take precautions in tourist destinations in the event of an epidemic.

"We will train other people involved in tourism, including transport and hotels so that they will not be able to stop their business, and tourist destinations will remain open," he said.

According to Aniqa, according to the World Bank, the jobs of about one million people in the tourism sector in Pakistan are at risk and that is why we are trying to keep the tourist destinations open and the virus not spreading.

How will the root network work?

Another member of the organization, Sarah Qazi, told The Independent Urdu: 'In the first phase, we are starting from Gilgit and will train locals there on how to develop other areas, including hotels in tourist destinations, under SOPs. I have to run. '

He added: "We will also train some of the locals there to be able to train other people and enable them to live with the epidemic. And to run your own business.

According to Sarah, the closure of the tourism sector has cost Pakistan billions of rupees and her organization wants tourist destinations to be opened under SOPs so that those who have suffered economic losses can be compensated.

According to a report published by the World Bank in April, the World Tourism Organization ranked Pakistan among the top few countries in the world in 2019 where tourists were advised to go.

According to the same report, the arrival of British Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton in Pakistan in 2019 and visits to various tourist destinations had shown a good picture of tourism in Pakistan to the world.

According to the report, Pakistan Civil Aviation has incurred a loss of 8 18 million till April. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone is facing a loss of about کروڑ 20 million due to the closure of the tourism sector, the jobs of more than 260,000 formal job seekers are at risk, while it is difficult to estimate the number of unemployed in the informal sector.

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