In cricket, Imran Khan was run by Javed Miandad

In cricket, Imran Khan was run by Javed Miandad

Karachi (Abdul Majid Bhatti, Staff Reporter) Former Pakistan cricket team captain Javed Miandad has warned Prime Minister Imran Khan that I was your captain and you were not my captain. I will come into politics and explain what politics is. I will also talk about politics. I will call right and wrong. I was the one who ran Imran Khan in cricket. I made Imran the Prime Minister.

In an interview on his YouTube channel on Tuesday night, Javed Miandad, a member of the 1992 World Cup team, said, "God forbid, you don't know what you have become. It seems you have become God. Apart from you, no Pakistani has gone to Oxford and Cambridge." Not at all. Think about the people who have been brought to the PCB, who eats and who doesn't, Imran Khan doesn't care about the country.

He said without mentioning the name of Ehsan Mani that I know what he helped you. You came to my house and became the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister should deny it and show it. My friends now taunt me. I don't need to meet you and I don't need to come to you. I tell everyone to be a Pakistani. Treating Sarfraz Ahmed is not right. Karachi and Lahore cricket are talking again. Javed Mian Dad said that he was grateful to the Pakistan Army which has kept the country united.

He said that Imran Khan cannot provide employment, he has made the players unemployed. The players are forced to work. Live and let live, promote Pakistanis and Pakistan. My words are heard all over the world. Javed Mian Dadka It is said that there are great cricketers and capable cricket administrators in Pakistan. Then there is no justification for bringing people from abroad to Pakistan to play cricket. There are ignorant people in the PCB who do not know cricket. I don't know who will do wrong for the country.

He refrained from directly naming PCB chairman Ehsan Mani and chief executive Wasim Khan and said that if they steal and run away, who will catch them. If there are no capable people in Pakistan, then you must come from outside. bring

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