Home remedies for shiny hair

Home remedies for shiny hair


We reveal the best home remedies for shiny hair!

In order for the hair to be healthy and shiny, it needs proper care. The condition of the hair largely depends on its proper nourishment, both from the outside and the inside. Everyone, but mainly women, want to enjoy shiny hair, and hair lacking shine is clearly inadequately cared for. This applies equally to over-dyeing, subjecting your hair to extreme temperatures such as straightening, or an improper diet that is too low in nutrients. The health condition of the hair depends also on external factors, such as hard water, which is used to wash the hair, atmospheric pollution, and other environmental factors. Healthy hair equals shiny hair. They can be achieved quickly by using the services of professionals who know best, what hair needs, and how it can regain its healthy condition and shine. However, you can try some home remedies for shiny hair.

What's the best way to get shiny hair?

If you expect really quick results so that your hair will gain a healthy shine in the shortest possible time, the best solution is to use the services of a professional hairdressing salon, which will offer advice on specialized treatments and treatments to improve the condition of your hair. It should be remembered that a properly selected treatment often brings immediate results and after the first time the hair is visibly shiny and more moisturized.

It is worth realizing that the condition of the hair and its appearance is largely influenced by the type of water used for hair care. If you use tap water, which contains quite a lot of limescale, to wash your hair, the condition of your hair will deteriorate significantly. Hair washed with hard water very quickly loses its shine and becomes lifeless. Even then, even supplying them with a large number of nutrients with cosmetics does not bring the expected results, because the nutrients contained in cosmetics have difficulty getting through the layer of stone that has been deposited on the hair for many years. However, there is a solution to it. Each time you wash your hair in such water, you should rinse your hair with boiled or filtered water.

In addition, it is recommended to use a deep cleansing shampoo at least once a week and treat your hair with an acidifying rinse. In addition, it is best to use only shampoos that will not dry them out in your daily hair care routine. What's more, you should always pay attention to the thorough rinsing of your hair, because if it is not thoroughly cleaned of shampoo or conditioner residues, it will have difficulty breathing, which will result in the dullness. Then, the only solution will be to switch from cosmetics containing more synthetic substances to those more similar to natural ones.

Cleansing shampoos used once a week, gentle for daily care, as well as light conditioners and oils should replace, at least temporarily, professional styling cosmetics and allow the hair to regenerate.

What are some home remedies for shiny hair?

At home, there are great opportunities to improve the condition and health of your hair. This can be done easily, for example, by using acidifying rinses that will soften the hair and give it shine. The rinse is great as the last step in washing your hair. The advantage is that it has the ability to close the hair cuticles and smooth their surface, which is why the hair becomes shiny and soft after drying. Two types of rinses are popular: acetic rinse and lemon rinse. Their use brings very good results due to the natural ingredients:

Vinegar rinse

You can prepare it using apple cider vinegar, the composition of which is devoid of any artificial and unnatural additives. It is important to know that you should always use boiled water to prepare the rinse, but not hot. The best water for this purpose should be at room temperature. A tablespoon of vinegar is added to a glass of water, which turns the pH of the water acidic, making it soft. With the rinse ready, just wash your hair with your gentle shampoo, rinse with plain water, and for the last rinse, use the previously prepared water with vinegar. The optimal solution is to let the hair dry freely, without using a dryer,

Lemon rinse

This is due to the fact that it stabilizes the pH of the scalp and, in addition, protects the hair against hard water, which is heavily chlorinated, dry air, and contaminants that could settle on them. When preparing the hair rinse solution, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to 2 liters of water. Freshly squeezed juice gives the best results. After thoroughly mixing the water with the juice, immerse your head in this solution for a few seconds, but do not rinse your head after removing it. Initially, the juice in the water may make the hair feel dry, but after it dries this effect disappears.

It should be added that if there is no time to prepare the rinse, it is possible to use ready-made strengthening preparations. Use one of them to spray wet hair after washing.

You can add shine to your hair and nourish it in other ways, but also using only natural ingredients. Therefore, honey is a good way to keep your hair shiny. It can turn out to be a very good helper in the fight for healthy and shiny hair. It is enough to mix it in the amount of 3 tablespoons with a tablespoon of warm water. The resulting substance should be applied to the hair and the entire head covered with a protective cap. After 20 minutes, the honey should be rinsed from the hair with cool water. The honey treatment can be used once a week until the desired results are achieved. In this way, the hair will regain its lost shine, but also gain more volume.

If you don't know yet what to do to keep your hair soft, see the next recipes for home cosmetics.

Hair cosmetics created in-house very often are not inferior to those used by professionals from hairdressing salons. In order to receive them, you have to put some effort into preparing them.

It is quite easy to create a mouthwash at home based on the beautifying properties of herbs, and the ingredients can be purchased at any herbal store. If you apply this rinse once a week, the results that appear very quickly will be well-nourished, healthy, and shiny hair.

Ingredients you will need to prepare a herbal hair rinse:

2 Tablespoons calamus rhizome,2 tablespoons of burdock root,2 tablespoons of horsetail,2 tablespoons of soapwort root,7 glasses of water.

The preparation of a rinse from these ingredients is simple and is limited to boiling calamus, soapwort, and burdock in 6 glasses of water over low heat for 20 minutes. In another pot, 1 glass of water is boiled, horsetail is boiled for half an hour. Then the prepared stocks should be combined with each other and set aside for some time to cool. The use of the herbal rinse is the same as for the rinses previously discussed. It consists of rinsing hair previously washed in shampoo for everyday use with them.

If some people are not entirely satisfied with the different rinses presented here, there are other methods that can help you regain the lost shine of your hair. One method is to create and apply hair masks. The masks are designed to provide the hair with the substances it needs to nourish it.

Here are two recipes that will help keep your hair healthy. One of them is a vegetable compress that can be made with several ingredients:

1 birch leaf,1 nettle leaf,1 teaspoon of chamomile tea,1/3 cup of vegetable oil,1 egg yolk,1 tablespoon of natural bee honey,1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice,3 drops of rosemary essential oil.

To properly make this hair compress, you need to heat the oil in a pot, and after removing it from the heat, add birch leaves, nettle, and chamomile to it. Then let it rest for half an hour and then drain the liquid, add the yolk, rosemary oil, honey, and lemon to it. The resulting mixture only needs to be applied to the hair and the head wrapped in foil and a towel. After about 30 minutes, remove the towel and foil and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Another interesting way to add shine to your hair is to make a honey-olive mask. To prepare it, you only need two tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. All the ingredients must be mixed together with a mixer and applied to the hair later. For best results, wrap your head with foil and a towel. After a quarter of an hour, you can remove the towel and foil from the head and rinse off the unabsorbed remains of the mask. You can, to be sure that everything is removed from the hair, wash it with shampoo.

How can you still help your hair?

It should be remembered that before reaching for professional cosmetics and natural products, it is worth trying to get new accessories for styling and hair care. The most common people who complain about hair problems are those who often use straighteners, dryers, or curlers. High temperatures are not good for hair. It is worth buying a new type of equipment with modern ceramic plates containing creatine. The creatine released under the influence of heat penetrates the hair structure, nourishing, and protecting it. This is just an example that modern equipment can make a difference in hair care.

It may seem that one is taking care of the hair properly, and at the same time not knowing what the source of the problems are, which plague the person using the accessories, which instead of helping, harm it. Therefore, before the search for the source of the problems goes deeper, it is worth looking at what is close. Because that's where the source of the problem is often there.

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