Here are 5 helpful ways to save your mobile phone from falling into the water or getting wet in the rain

Here are 5 helpful ways, to save your mobile phone from falling into the water or getting wet in the rain

What to do if your stylish mobile falls into the water?? In fact, accidents happen to everyone and if a smartphone falls into the water, it can be devastating.

Most of the time, while working or talking, the mobile phone does not move and the mobile phone falls down in a state of unconsciousness or if you go out in the rainy season, it also gets your mobile wet.

But if for some reason the phone slips out of your hand and goes into the water, you may know the true meaning of the word badass.

Because water damage to the phone can lead to financial loss, as well as the loss of valuable photos such as data, essential phone contacts, and other things (if they are not backed up).

By the way, the best option is to fix it when there is a warranty, but what to do when this option is not available?

Here are some tips and tricks that can help the phone work somewhat again.

1- Remove the battery immediately (if the phone has a removable battery)

Do this immediately, you may want to turn on the phone to see if it is working, but doing so could damage the circuits.

Remove the battery as well as the SIM card which may contain contact data.

2- Do not touch while on charge

If the phone has run out of the water while it is charging, be careful not to remove the charging cable as it increases the risk of electric shock.

It is best to remove the mobile from the charger after turning off the main switch at home or anywhere.

3- Trying to dry

When water runs out in the phone, most people aim to dry the phone quickly, however, do not use a hairdryer for this as it can penetrate deep into the phone, while the cooler setting of the device is also sufficient for the device. It is hot.

Instead, use a can of compressed air that is easily available on the market. If this is not possible, it may be possible to remove moisture from the phone even with a small vacuum cleaner.

However, be careful not to use it too close to the phone.

4- Dry in the sun

If the phone doesn't stay in the water for long, sunlight can be a cure.

Remove the phone battery and place it in a dry container in the sun, but do not leave it on for more than 20 minutes, as the device may overheat.

5- Get help from this thing in the kitchen

If the mobile suddenly falls into the water and compressed air or vacuum is not available on the spot, immerse it and the battery separately in a container filled with raw white rice to remove moisture from the phone.

Silica gel can also help if you have the right amount.

In either rice or silica gel, leave the device overnight or give it as much time as possible so that it can have a magical effect.


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