The plot to assassinate actor Salman Khan failed

The plot to assassinate actor Salman Khan failed

The plot to assassinate Bollywood actor Salman Khan was failed.

According to Indian media, the plot to assassinate Indian actor Salman Khan was foiled, police arrested 4 people including a sharpshooter.

Police foiled a plot to assassinate Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and arrested the sharpshooter along with his accomplices.

According to the police, a sharpshooter of Lawrence Bishnoi gang made a shocking revelation. According to the police, he rented a house near Salman Khan's Bandra residence with the intention of killing the Indian actor and patrolled the area for two days. He did so at the behest of Bishnui and Sampath Nahra, but could not because of the coronavirus.

According to police, accused Sampath Nehra has been arrested for plotting to assassinate Salman in 2018. According to police, Sanpat Nehra may have wanted to assassinate the actor at the behest of Lawrence Bishnoi, as Lawrence had threatened to kill Salman Khan in January.

Sanpat Nehra, who was arrested from Hyderabad, revealed that he had obtained information about Salman Khan's visit to his house for two months, including his visit and security at home.

The accused had also planned to kill Salman Khan at the same time when the actor was waving to the fans from the balcony of his house in Mumbai after his release from jail but the accused failed in their purpose.

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