A new model of luxury car Lexus has hit the market

A new model of the luxury car Lexus has hit the market

Toyota's  Luxury division has unveiled a new model of Lux car.

The 2021 LC500 convertible is priced at Rs 34 crore in Pakistani currency, the first lucky one has also received a car.

Made in the style of the Lemmed Inspiration series, the car's exterior is blue, the car has a beautiful leather-trimmed interior, and weighs 471 horsepower V8 engine, weighing 2,000 grams.

An auto show was held in Arizona in January this year in which the car was auctioned for بیس 2 million. The auction money was donated to two charities.

Kent Stevenson, a Luxus dealer from Colorado, named the car after a successful بیس 2 million bed. Luxus has recently begun production of the luxury car, after which the car was handed over to a successful bidder.

Earlier, a Chinese company that makes batteries for electric vehicles had claimed to make a 16-year-old car battery.

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According to the foreign news agency BBC, the Chinese company Contemporary Ampex Technology (Katl) said that they are ready to make batteries that will enable the car to run up to 2 million kilometers.

Katl's chairman said he was ready to make such batteries if ordered by a carmaker.

The Chinese company signed a two-year contract with leading US tech company Tesla in February this year for model three cars.

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Keep in mind that most electric car companies currently offer a battery warranty of 60,000 to 1.5 million miles, with a lifespan of three to eight years.

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