Because of this, the "Ankahi" journey is starting again

Because of this, the "Ankahi" journey is starting again

Showbiz activities delayed due to Corona lockdown Theatrical play "In Kahi" will now be presented from October 20.

The play is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali, directed by Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali. Wajid, Jamshed Ansari, and Saleem Nasir were present.

It was not easy to put into practice the idea of ​​translating these words from 14 episodes into 90 minutes, but this work was done by senior actor Sajid Hassan and well-known theater artist Saqib Sameer.

Hasina Moin, Sajid Hassan, Director Dawar Mahmood, Actress Amna Ilyas, Saqib Sameer, and President Arts Council Ahmad Shah participated in the press conference held in this regard at Karachi Arts Council.

On this occasion, the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that the Arts Council has started its activities in full compliance with the SOP on the direction of the government, now it has lost its momentum in our country and the government has also restored life. After which the Arts Council has started cultural activities.

Amna Ilyas will play the role of Sana Murad in the copycat production banner "In Kahi" which was played by Shahnaz Sheikh in the play in such a way that TV viewers still remember her performance.

This is Amna Elias' first theater play after modeling, TV, and film. Speaking to Samaa Digital, she said that it is an experience to face live audiences during awards shows, film premieres, and modeling but it is a completely different one. There will be experience, I will be on stage continuously for an hour and a half, this is a very difficult role and I am scared to some extent.

Director and Mahmood said that they have done a lot of work with Anwar Maqsood including half-plate, courtyard crooked, Siachen. Ahmad Shah wanted to pay homage to Hasina Moin and for this purpose, we chose "In Kahi" from her plays as we felt that this play could create the best impression in the theater.

Talking about the selection of Amna Ilyas, Dawar said that this drama was by Sana Murad, so I thought if anyone can play this role, it is Amna.

According to Hasina Moin, these words are very important to me, I did not give it to anyone. I even approached India to make the film but I refused. The play was in line with the requirements of the time and is now adapted to today's requirements for theater.

He had earlier said that it was to be presented at the Karachi Arts Council from March 15, but after a delay due to Karuna, it will be presented from October 20.

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