Slimming diet for the summer - what to eat to lose weight?

Slimming diet for the summer - what to eat to lose weight?

Slimming diet for the summer - what to eat to lose weight?


Most of us want to lose weight before the beach season and look good in a swimsuit. So you lose weight in the spring. And yet summer is a much better time to lose a few kilos. It's hot, you don't feel like filling your meals, your appetite is less. And vegetables and fruits are the cheapest in the year. So when, if not now! Go on a plant diet! For a slim figure, well-being and because in hot weather it is simply the healthiest.

Slimming diet for the summer

The fact that your appetite is diminishing is not enough to start eating healthy. Unfortunately, summer is also a time of temptation. You go out more often with friends, invite guests, you have more free time. Waffles tempt by the sea, fried oscypek in the mountains. When going out for a drink, it is nice to eat French fries or pizza. Nightlife flourishes. To lose weight in the summer, you need to be immune to such cravings. Give up fast food, fried chicken, and baked dishes. Anyway - who would like to start the oven or stand by the pan when the mercury bar jumps to over 30 degrees ...  

So that you are not sorry that summer passes by renunciation, indulge yourself in pleasure. Eat what this wonderful time of the year gives you - seasonal vegetables: zucchini and green beans, which are very low in calories, filling sugar peas and cauliflower, crispy kohlrabi, corn, which will calmly replace the whole meal or tomatoes. Additionally, please yourself by eating fresh fruit - raspberries, currants, apricots, peaches, cherries, blueberries. They are lighter and healthier than any sweets, although they also contain a lot of sugar, so be moderate. Try not to exceed 300 grams per day, in several portions.

Don't skip healthy fats at meals - the oil helps us absorb all our vitamins from plants better. But avoid heavy sauces, especially in bags. Olive oil with lemon or quince juice and a little garlic is enough. 

Slimming diet - what to eat to refresh yourself

Certainly not ice cream! The large temperature difference between this dessert and the surroundings makes it easy to catch a cold. In addition, ice cream is a calorie bomb. If you can't imagine a vacation without them, choose sorbets. And the best one is made of fruit mousses, squeezed in a slow-speed juicer.

Dairy products are great for refreshments. Eat a lot of yogurts. They will not only cool you down but also - thanks to good bacteria - will improve your mood and immunity. Drink kefirs too. They can even partially replace the water on the menu. Season the salads with garlic or chili, which cause that we sweat more and sweating helps the body cool down. In the heat you can afford more salty snacks - a handful of pretzels will not hurt.

Slimming diet - vegetable menu

Vegetables and fruits can not only be an addition to dishes but also be the basis of an all-day menu. Of course, every day they should be accompanied by carbohydrates and protein, but for several days, especially in hot weather, you can afford such a plant detox. For three days, eat only fruit and vegetables at all meals, and then only drink juice for two days. You'll feel better immediately - your stomach will shrink, your stomach and intestinal problems will end. And then, for a whole month, replace one meal with a fruit or vegetable cocktail.

For this, eat light steamed fish or seafood instead of meat and lots of vegetables. Thanks to this, you will not only shed some bacon, but you will see how your hair, complexion, and nails will improve, and even your well-being. If you are hungry for hunger between meals instead of chocolate or candy bar, reach for a handful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds. In summer, it is worth supplementing the elements that we lose by sweating. Tomatoes and beets have a lot of potassium, magnesium - peas, beans, buckwheat, and sodium - silage and olives. 

Slimming diet - how to hydrate

Look after children and the elderly. They often don't feel thirsty, and they also have to drink a lot. Remind them about it. And take care of yourself. Divide your weight in kilograms by 30. Now you know how many liters of water you should drink every day. Of course, if you play sports or take diuretics, you need to drink more. Watery fruits - oranges, watermelons, melons, apples will help in hydration. Remember that cold beer is not a substitute for water. Quite the opposite - alcohol causes dehydration. Don't be fooled by frozen coffee and tea. These are also drinks that dehydrate, and in addition, often have a lot of calories. The best are the lemonades.

Slimming diet and ... summer movement

Do not forget about physical activity. At the lake and the sea, not only sunbathe but swim a bit, walk on mountain trails, play volleyball, badminton, walk more often. It will help you lose weight and improve your mood. Works perfectly Nordic walking, he works the whole body. 

After that you can gain weight:

The most caloric vegetables:  white and red beans, broad beans, soybeans, lentils

The most caloric fruits:  dates, mangoes, grapes, cherries, bananas

Perfect for slimming:

Least calorie vegetables:  lettuce, cucumber, tomato, leek, spinach, cabbage, chicory, kohlrabi, cauliflower, zucchini

The least caloric fruits:  watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, wild strawberries, peaches, plums, pears, blueberries.


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