Hair polishing treatment - Damaged hair removal method

Hair polishing treatment - Damaged hair removal method

As you may have noticed by now, I love to experiment with different hair cosmetics and treatments. Recently I decided to use an innovative method of removing damaged hair called polishing. Taking the opportunity, I also cut the ends. I've always dreamed that it would be done with a razor and finally my little dream came true.


You have had the opportunity to read my Italian story on the blog before. I used to be the owner of beautiful, long, and HEALTHY hair. Currently, despite all efforts, they are not in the condition they should be. The main problem is the damage. I'm not talking only about the ends, but about not very aesthetic protruding, white strands along the entire length.

If I wanted to cut all damaged hair, I would probably stay bald. Fortunately, the hair polishing treatment came to my aid!

To make it, a special device is used, which is called a split ender. Sometimes you can also use the clip on the clipper. Despite the fact that the procedure is not difficult, it should be performed by a trained hairdresser. Thanks to this method, it is able to trim the hair by about 0.3 cm. In a word - we will get rid of the damage along its entire length and not waste the time we devoted to planting.

What was hair polishing like? My hairdresser first washed my hair, then put on a mask in which I had to sit for about 5 minutes. After this time, the hair was dried and straightened. Then she divided them into thin strands and launched a split ender. Then she moved the razor along each of them from the roots to the ends. Polishing your hair is a time-consuming procedure. Get ready to spend about 2 hours in the armchair.

Above I am putting your photos from the series before and after. The first was made without a flash, and the second with. The difference is undoubtedly huge. I have never had such healthy and shiny hair. I am sure that I will never go back to traditional trimming of ends. A few days ago I also treated myself to keratin straightening. You can read more about this treatment and its effects in previous posts.

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