What men need to understand about pregnancy

What men need to understand about pregnancy

What men need to understand about pregnancy

Well, it happened. You are pregnant. Two lines on the test, beta HCG, first ultrasound. You will be Dad, Father, Daddy. Are you jumping for joy or are you scared because these were not the plans? Do you assemble a cot in the second month of pregnancy or are you afraid of the vision of lost freedom forever? With a smile, you look at friends with children and you know that it will be waiting for you soon, or maybe the view of the baby stroller gives you convulsions? It does not matter! Regardless of your feelings at the beginning, before you get a small screaming bundle at home, called by some people a "gnome" or "true story", you'll have to deal with a pregnant woman first. And this is not always easy! You will often walk in a minefield and often your one ill-considered move can end up badly!

I will help you a little today! Remember, print, stick on the fridge, and certainly, these 9 months will be calmer and easier. For her and above all for you! 😉

1) You are proud as a peacock, but wait for the good news to come!

You are happy and proud. Especially if it's your first child or if you believe that you went extremely fast and believe that you are a God of fertility. Or maybe you have waited a long time and want to tell everyone as soon as possible? Wait! Especially if she asks you for it. Don't make it public, don't tell it, don't brag on Facebook. With pregnancies it is different ... there are those that seem to be, and there are none, which give two lines on the test, and then divide into nothingness, there are those that unfortunately end in week 9 or 10. I know that you believe that this will not happen to you, but it can be different ... Wait!

2) Are you afraid? If she too, be a man!

You didn't plan it. Maybe yes, but you are still a little afraid. How it will be? Can you handle it? How to organize it? Poor situation at work ... After all, you were supposed to look for a new one, this is not a good time for a child. Too late for such texts. Don't moan, you're a guy. Give her support and a feeling that everything will be all right!

3) She is your child, but she is pregnant!

Remember that. Maybe in this pregnancy you "are" and "give birth" and "feel good", but it is your wife / girlfriend / partner who is pregnant. You do not know how he feels, you do not feel sick every morning, you do not hurt your stomach, you do not catch intimate infections, you do not get fat and have pimples on your face, you do not want to sleep all the time and you have no strength in the first months. Don't throw wisdom from newspapers or from mommy, just watch and help wherever you can.

4) She decides if she has strength for something or not!

Pregnancy is different. Just because your friend, mother or sister worked until the day of delivery does not mean that your wife must do the same. Nor does it mean that it can and has the strength to do so. She knows how she feels and knows what she can afford. Do not put pressure on her to work, take care of an older child, home, cook and fly at full speed until the 40th week of pregnancy, but at the same time do not put her to bed immediately after taking the test. Don't make her think that pregnancy is not a disease, but don't make her rest and can't do anything. She decides and her doctor. Not you.

5) Be ready for a quick mood change!

He cries once, laughs once, screams at you once, loves and hugs you once. Normal! Don't make fights, survive!

6) Prepare tissues even for TV commercials!

Tough woman of her has always been, and now what? He roars when he sees a moving advertisement on TV, roars when he looks at pictures of babies on Facebook, not to mention movies. Don't be surprised, just hand in handkerchiefs.

7) Cravings exist not only in movies

Herring, pickled cucumbers, tangerines, and all with ice cream. Sounds like an exaggerated movie story? Not necessarily! Pregnancy flavors exist - some are more typical, others just like movies. Tastes change - suddenly meat may not taste or taste like never before. He may fancy sweet or non-stop for spicy Asian food. You don't have to drive around the city every day in search of the coveted dinner, but from time to time delivering Magnum with midnight almonds or pistachio ice cream ... or a burger, will give you extra points! 😉

8) Do not point out kilos, stretch marks and swollen legs

It has a mirror. He knows he has a pregnancy belly, maybe thicker thighs, maybe fold on the sides, maybe unsightly red stretch marks. You don't have to do an extra mirror and tell her about it. You already know the point and you know that it can change your mood very quickly. Why cause rage or cry ???

9) Make sure your mommy doesn't interfere too much

Mother-in-law. The favorite character of every young mother. She always knows better - how to feed, how to dress and what her child should do. She knows her pregnancy too - in the end she gave birth to her, maybe two and three? If your woman does not want golden advice, watch over mommy. Interfering with your diet, pregnancy and kilograms made by your mother-in-law is even more annoying than yours

10) Give her time for yourself

Especially before delivery. Give me a break, enjoy the freedom, cinema, friends, going out to the pubs. After all, she, not you, will be slightly grounded in the next few months with a small mammal.

11) When the nesting stage occurs, do not ask - politely follow the instructions!

This can happen at different times. Maybe already in the sixth month, or maybe just a few weeks before delivery. Your woman, previously occupied mainly with work, suddenly becomes a priestess at home. He scrubs with wet handkerchiefs, browses interior design blogs, and wants to go to IKEA for a week. He chooses a cot, blankets, changing tables, but suddenly he also crashes everything from wardrobes, throws your creases away and cleans the windows. Don't ask, don't protest, it's best to follow your instructions politely and nobody will suffer! 🙂

With these tips, these 9 months will definitely be easier! 🙂 For all of you 🙂 Girls, add something from yourself! 🙂 and let me know how your men managed a pregnant woman

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