Top 10 best pets - The first pets - how to prepare?

Top 10 best pets - The first pets - how to prepare? 

Top 10 best pets - The first pets - how to prepare?

The first pets - how to prepare? 

When deciding on pets, it is worth considering whether we are sure we are ready to accept new family members. Owning your pet is associated with great responsibility, requires commitment and dedication to the pet's daily attention. Before making a decision to adopt or buy a farm animal, it's important to ask yourself some important questions:

- What will you do with your pet during the holidays, picnics or other situations when you want to leave? 

- Who will take care of the animal during your absence? 

- Do you consider that an animal can damage furniture or other surfaces in an apartment/house?

- Can you afford to keep the animal?

The most popular pets

Dogs and cats are constant companions of our lives, no one is surprised by their presence. Pets teach us responsibility, care and are great playmates. It is important to remember that pets are living beings who have their feelings and needs. Among the most popular pets, in addition to the dog and cat, there are:

fish - are a beautiful decoration in an aquarium, when choosing fish, pay attention to their appearance and activity. The aquarium should be selected for the number of fish, equipped with an air filter and an automatic feeder.

rabbit - on average he lives 6-8 years, he needs freedom and daily walks around the apartment. It requires special care because it is susceptible to illness. It is recommended for children over 8 years of age.

hamster - lives 2-3 years, shows high activity, especially at night. The hamster requires cage, fresh treats and grains, pure hay, and access to water.

guinea pig - lives 7-9 years on average, is a shy and distrustful animal. It requires walking outside the cage and taming it can take up to several months.

chinchilla - lives on average 15 years, does not like to be held on hands and is not recommended for young children. I need a lot of exercise, a proper diet, and a large frame.

turtle - in good conditions it can survive up to 150 years, quickly recognizes its owner. Due to the low activity, it can easily get bored of a child, does not require large financial outlays, can not eat up to 2 weeks.

Coward Ferret - lives 6-10 years, likes fun, movement, and the company of people. She is an intelligent animal, learns new things quickly, it is difficult to forbid or prohibit her.

papużka wavy - live on average 7-9 years, it must be replaced daily food and water. It can imitate human speech and other sounds. Make sure you have enough space to fly.

Corn snake - lives on average 20 years, has a mild disposition, is non-venomous, and easy to breed. It reaches sizes from 130 to 180 cm, does not exceed 1 kg.

Before choosing your pet, make sure you have the right amount of space in your apartment and the right amount of time to care for it.

Pets - 7 advantages of having them

Owning a pet means a number of duties, expenses, and sacrifices. But for some reason, millions of people around the world are choosing to have little friends. Why is it worth There are plenty of reasons! We will quote the ones we think are the most important:

  • A great life companion - the animal accompanies us in everyday life. Thanks to him/him we don't feel lonely. We feel a bond with someone and a permanent presence. This is very important!
  • Animals release stress - pets are loved and affectionate. Sometimes it is enough to look at them to feel better immediately. They help relieve stress, so as soon as you feel nervous, angry or very worried - it's worth staying with our pets.
  • Animals heal - literally! This thesis may seem exaggerated, but many studies show that pet owners are simply healthier. Dogs, cats, parrots, etc. have the ability ... to lower blood pressure (see section 2), but also make happiness hormones arise in us
  • Animals play to tears - it is often said that people who have pets do not need a TV. There is something to it. Pets can be watched almost endlessly - how they sleep, how they play, how they follow us and look into our eyes, e.g. due to their excessive appetite. They are often the heroes of extremely funny situations that are worth capturing, e.g. in the form of a short video.
  • Domestic animals encourage activity - this applies primarily to dogs with whom you have to go out not only for physiological purposes but also for movement that is necessary for proper functioning. And that means that we also have to move ourselves, because we have no way out, do we? :)
  • Animals make us more responsible - a quadruped or other small one is 100% dependent on us. We must take care of it - give balanced food, take to the doctor not only when he feels unwell, but also preventively - for tests, etc. For example, in the case of a cat breed, we must take other measures to make our animals feel good and develop healthy. This involves spending time and large financial expenses. It is a great responsibility exercise for us, which we will definitely manage to do. Because love moves mountains!
  • Animals provide entertainment - in many ways! And above all, many dogs, cats etc. are happy to play (they even need it), especially with their favorite man. And such common harce is really a piece of good entertainment! In addition, they often require a lot of physical activity from us, which is another plus!

A dog, domestic cat, or maybe a rabbit?

It is widely known that a man's best friend is a dog. Increasingly, however, our home cat also comes to our homes, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, aquarium fish, turtle or parakeets. Regardless of the decision on the breed pet, you need to remember one thing - Pets require a dedication of time, attention, and financial resources. The decision to adopt or buy a pet should never be taken lightly. Pets should not be offered as a gift. Before you decide to have a quadruped, you should consider all the pros and cons. Dogs require daily walks. Cats must have access to a clean litter box. All animals require care when we go on vacation or plan a longer absence from home.

How to care for pets?


If you dream of having a dog, be sure to think about some important things:

Are you patient enough and are not afraid of working with an animal? 
How long will the canine be home alone? How much time are you able to devote to him? A pet needs a minimum of 3 walks a day, preferably at fixed times. 

A dog for a child is a dog for a parent - if a small dog is the children's greatest desire, remember that an adult takes full responsibility for the dog and its safety.

Allergies among the household members - make sure that no household member suffers from any allergies to the animal's hair or hair. 


Remember that cats love to scratch furniture - especially upholstered beds, armchairs and sofas. Even suitable scratchers are sometimes not as attractive to them as your favorite chairs.

Make sure that no household member is allergic to cat hair. Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular allergens among people.

If you live on the ground floor, it is worth protecting the windows and balcony with special nets so that the animal does not go outside. However, if your pet will go outside, you will learn about how to properly take care of your pet in our GPS article for a cat - a  safe animal on a walk .

Regardless of which pets you choose, keep in mind that his presence will change a lot in your life. A four-legged friend gives a lot of joy and happiness, but also requires attention, walks, or visits to the vet. 

How to prepare for pets?

Pets need to adapt the apartment or house accordingly:

Secure all possible harmful products in your home (chemicals, cables).
Roll up rugs and rugs before your puppy learns cleanliness. Purchase of sleepers for puppies, mats for learning cleanliness. The domestic cat does not require much preparation - just show him the place where the litter box stands.

Take care of the layette: two bowls - for water and food. Buy a bed and first toys. Teethers, latex toys are best suited for puppies. You will learn more about gadgets for your pet in our article - The most interesting dog toys.

If you have a dog, a collar and leash will be useful. You can learn more about this type of pet product from our article Dog collar with GPS for animals.
Find out if the animal had its first vaccinations and deworming. Remember the health book.

Prepare your loved ones for a new family member, make children aware that this is a live animal, and should be handled with care.
Check how to properly organize pet care in case you need to leave for longer.

Safe pet, or how to care for pets

When deciding to have pets, you must also remember to take care of its comfort and safety. Both a dog and a domestic cat should have their own lair and toys, and spending your time stroking and walking is essential. To make sure that you always have your friend under your watchful eye, you should definitely think about the GPS locator. This small device combined with a dedicated application is the perfect solution for all four-legged owners. You can conveniently check where your dog or cat is on your phone. You will set individual security zones on your smartphone, you will be notified immediately if you leave them. You can learn more about how to save a dog or cat from disappearance in our article.

Do pets need a GPS locator?

By all means, pets need a GPS locator! You never know if you won't be scared away by a gunshot when you walk with your dog, or if you run too far in search of adventure. If your domestic cat likes to go out the window and walk around, the Safe Family GPS transmitter will also be an invaluable help in locating your pet. What's more, the locator sends an SOS signal. If someone finds you lost, just press one button and the notification will immediately appear on your phone. The device is resistant to shocks and splashes. GPS for a pet is lightweight and will not cause a problem for your pet. Our device will definitely work out when you decide to go on vacation in the company of your pet. Learn more about how invaluable help during the  holidays  can be GPS for a dog.

Pets - care

Regardless of the breed of dog, cat or other animal, certain hygiene rules must be observed. This will help us with the right accessories, which we will easily get in every major store, not just a pet store. Pets and their health depend on how we take care of them ourselves. So it's worth going to the vet to check in from time to time, whether to go to a dedicated salon and treat the dog to a bath. If your pet is small, of course you can easily bathe him at home. Both large and small animals require proper care. Of course, not all of them like it. Dogs most often play in the mud, and cats with cut claws immediately feel like scratching furniture. However, it's good if your pets are clean as much as possible. And you will also take care of this at home. Necessary accessories are brushes for brushing, animal shampoos, and in winter time smaller dogs should be equipped with special cups and ... shoes! Frost can say a lot of damage to dog's paws. 

Cosmetics and proper animal care are not everything

It is also important what we feed our pet. It is worth giving him the right food because it guarantees better health and well-being of our dog or cat. Pets should always have access to clean, cold water and dry food. We should also remember about additions, such as special bones or crisps, which will help in removing tartar. If you have a cat, be sure to give him dry food, which will eliminate fluff accumulated in the stomach. Once in a while, it is definitely worth serving a bit of raw meat to your pet. Not only will it be a feast for his palate, but also a great way to clean the mouth of stone. 

Pets - does the breed and size of a pet matter?

As is well known, some dog or cat breeds are considered more or less suitable for keeping at home. Certainly, in a small apartment, we may have a problem with a large-sized pet. This is especially true for dogs that need a larger, open space for proper functioning. For older people or young children, small breeds will certainly be more suitable dogs, with a gentle character. However, if we decide on a specific dog or cat and we have concerns about whether he will get used to it and whether he will have problems acclimatizing in our home, we can always contact the appropriate behaviorist. Of course, working with a pet requires patience and time, but it can bring really sensational results. Let's not forget that all pets require care and the right approach. 

Pleasure, but also the duty, or how to care for a pet

Going out for walks regardless of the weather. The need to organize care when we can not take care of the pet ourselves. Help in case of illness and visits to veterinarians. When we have pets at home, there is no shortage of duties. Before buying or adopting a new household member, make sure that we can guarantee proper care and the right gadgets. Let's talk to our family members and let them know about our plans. Let's not make a hasty decision, but let's also remember that a quadruped's love can make up for everything!

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