The best breeds of dogs for a small child

The best breeds of dogs for a small child

The benefits of raising a child with a dog are countless. Contact with a quadruped teaches responsibility and respect, ensures movement in the open air and excellent sensory stimulation. A dog for a child is a friend, a playmate, and often a protector. It is no wonder then that many parents make the decision to introduce him to their family. However, as it turns out, this is not a simple decision, especially when it comes to the youngest - which dog for a child will be the best? A lively terrier, a cute chihuahua, or maybe a caring labrador? We advise which dog breeds to choose for a small child!

A proposal for small dog breeds for a child

Among small dogs that work well with small children, low-legged terriers - Norfolk and Norwich terrier should certainly be mentioned. These quadrupeds are extremely emotional and very patient. A cheerful disposition and a relentless desire to have fun go hand in hand with skill and obedience.

A cairn terrier is also considered a patient playmate. He is a joyful, full of life risk-taker who is not afraid of anything - even the brutal caresses of children. He stays alert while not showing aggressive behavior. It's the perfect dog for a child!

Another example of a small dog for a child can be a Goth dog. Small, intelligent, obedient, easy to drive. At the same time, he loves fun, is patient and forgiving. Suitable for any family in which he will find peace and love. If you are wondering which dog for a child will be the best and you want to decide on a small pet, the Goth dog will hit the spot!

Examples of child-friendly medium dogs

From medium-sized breeds of dogs for a small child, one of the best seems to be a beagle. Due to its character, it is mainly a family dog ​​that easily adapts to a given home rhythm. In addition, he is sociable, also in relation to other representatives of his species. Beagle as a dog for the youngest turns out to be a tireless companion of play, and what is important very understanding. Despite many beneficial features, inexperienced owners must know that beagles need consistency in their upbringing because they often succumb to arbitrariness.

An opponent in this respect may be a Shiba Inu, which in Japan, his homeland, is a very popular family dog. The fame of this breed grew not only on the characteristic "smile", but also a wonderful character combining obedience, courage, intelligence, love of fun, and attachment to its owner. An additional advantage is a fact that Shiba Inu will feel great both in a house with a garden and in a small apartment - provided, of course, that it provides adequate traffic.

Brief characteristics of large dogs for children

Among the large breeds of dogs for children, golden retriever and labrador retriever occupy the leading place. Today, they are even considered fashionable dogs, which, moreover, does more harm than good.

The choice of a large dog is often associated with the fear that a massive animal may involuntarily hurt the baby or cause fear in the child. However, these two races will certainly not happen. Both goldens and Labradors are intelligent dogs, patient and friendly, who are also involved in dog therapy for a reason.

According to specialists, the Golden Retriever is the best dog for children. A valued family friend. He is calm and composed, he cannot be provoked even by the biggest rascals. His patience and lack of aggressive behavior make him a great protector and protector.
The Golden Retriever requires training, but even inexperienced breeders should not cause problems - he is obedient and can be easily led on a leash.

When it comes to color, his medium-length hair should be regularly cultivated

Labrador retriever is undoubtedly a dog for families with a small child. He is a faithful, cheerful, and sociable friend who loves hugging and stroking. It combines features that are especially valued in dogs for children - it is alert but not aggressive. According to behaviorists, he is ideal for dealing with children, which is why he often works in dog therapy. It is a dog for people who like movement and activities.

Care for this labrador is not demanding or particularly difficult. It is worth mentioning, however, that Labradors periodically molt abundantly, which may be crucial for some.

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