Tariq Aziz Death Pakistan Famous TV Host Tariq Aziz Died Life and Death

Seeing eyes, hearing ears! How did this phrase come into being? Incredible truth about the life of Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz Death Pakistan

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Tariq Aziz was a Pakistani film actor, television show host and politician, known for his work on the PTV's Quiz Show Neelam Ghar, first aired in 1974, later renamed the Tariq Aziz Show (Neelam Gharand later known as Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz. He also had been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan between 1997 and 1999.

Leading Pakistani host and actor Tariq Aziz passed away today. Tariq Aziz hosted Pakistan's famous auction house for 30 years. Even in recognition of his services, PTV aired the show. changed the position Aziz flirted keep

the city Tariq Aziz April 28, 1936, India (India), was born in Jalandhar, his father's name was Mian Abdul Aziz that have migrated to Pakistan in 1947.

Apart from being a host, Tariq Aziz was also an excellent actor and he acted in many films, many of which were super hits. In addition, Tariq Aziz was also a politician and was initially associated with the PPP. The foundation joined the PML-N but had now withdrawn from politics.

Tariq Aziz Death Pakistan

The interesting thing is that Tariq Aziz was also a poet and he said he was the favorite I have in Tariq are dark destiny they leave the die open shop shroud was the fond extent of poetry Aziz He doesn't even remember how many poems he remembers - the number of hundreds of poems was too small for him. He said that he would remember even more.

Tariq Aziz was also the first announcer of PTV and when it When we started the show, we would do it in a unique and unique way in which the phrase "Welcome to the eyes, eyes, and ears" turned out to be extremely well known.

Tariq Aziz Death Pakistan

When asked about the creation of a special sentence, he said, "I used to start my program with greetings and manners like normal hosts, but one day I received a letter from such a young man. Who was blind and complained to me in a letter that you don't greet me - that's when I started my program with this unique phrase "-

most people consider Tariq Aziz childless but the fact is It is said that Tariq Aziz had children but that child died in his lifetime - and Tariq Aziz calls it the trust of اور and what he took back - Tariq Aziz believed that what is not in your power Why cry and wail over it?

Well, known anchor Sohail Warraich during a program when he asked Tariq Aziz why you never got married again? So at first Tariq Aziz said in an interesting way that this man is a very poor thing but then he said that I have seen the condition of my friends who got married two or three times but I told them from time to time. I have seen him die before.

Tariq Aziz also looked after the affairs of an orphanage in Lahore and now he intended to modernize the orphanage for which he had the help of a British doctor

Most people considered Tariq Aziz to be a very angry person and this was admitted by Tariq Aziz himself but he believed that you should know when it is right to be angry and when not - on

On an occasion when Tariq Aziz Asked about the woman he loved and called him a lion, he revealed that the woman had been married in London and that I had become the bride's lawyer at the wedding. I arrived in London exclusively to attend this wedding and my feelings were normal -

so Tariq Aziz himself was a golden age and acknowledging his services is not possible in just one article - so we are here Here are just a few facts about his life that very few people know.

In the end, the entire team of our web prays that Allah Almighty may forgive Tariq Aziz and grant him a high position in Paradise. Ameen.

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