How to Make Money with E-commence business 31000 pounds (Motivational)

How to Make Money with E-commence business 31000 pounds (Motivational)

How to Make Money with E-commence business 31000 pounds (Motivational)

I am 25 years old and have passed Business Administration from the Institute of Business Management. I always wanted to pursue my career in e-commerce but my real journey started after joining EC platform. Two years back; I attended a seminar of Sunny Ali, as I didn't know it could be my turning point. 

So, my story starts from here. In 2015, I worked as the Operation Manager of an e-commerce store in Dubai which used to sell clothing and apparel in all over the middle east on souq and website. It was an E-Commerce website where I spent 3 years of my life. In 2017, my Amazon journey began, I started selling leather jackets on Amazon as FBM the start was good we get a good number of orders, I have made our own production unit with 35+ machines with lots of order all over the world but due to some copyrights infringement issues, Amazon suspended our 3 best selling accounts overnight. I had to bear other losses due to accounts suspension problems and a lot of other hardships. The first experience is never easy especially when it is without any mentor so due to lack of knowledge, I lost thousands of dollars with no clue but whatever happens, happens for good. All these losses and hardships increased my ‘Gurda Size’.

In 2018, The series of fortuitous events cropped up which made my career more advance. This year I got to know Sunny Ali, I attended his seminar for the very first time. I decided to explore more about EC platform then came to know much more about Amazon Business and the whole program. I found out that the way this platform was vitalizing me and many others and giving opportunities is mind-blowing.

Afterward, in 2019, I joined Boot Camp and this was the time my vision was clearer than ever. Now, I was doing product hunting, sourcing, and Launching, etc. Same period, I launched my product. My sales boosted up thus received favorable and successful outcomes. By the grace of God, my PL autopilot second income stream has been going profitably. It was time to make a third income stream. By the end of NOV 2019, I started selling my own "Company Formation/Amazon ID creation" services along with other "Account health" services. Today, because of having Autopilot business and multiple income streams I earn way more than kitchen money. EC has played an essential role all over my journey. 

The best thing about the EC platform, it attracts people from all walks of life. After joining Extreme Commerce, you will find that this platform is not only about Amazon but it teaches you how to walk - through life. I am proud to have a mentor who is enthusiastically working for a better future of Pakistan.

Aneeq Essani
Karachi, Pakistan

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