How to send large amount of money to Pakistan or any where in the world

How to send large amount of money to Pakistan


How to send a large amount of money to Pakistan

What's up guys –Thanks for visiting at DailyPluz. boy destiny today I'm gonna be making a article/video showing you guys how to save money by Rome Italy it's very simple to save money very madly but before we do that we have to create an account and how do we create an account first of all you have to visit the website rome italy calm and it's gonna take you to this page here you're gonna hit the button join now to create an account so all you need to do here is sign in with your email address password and then confirm the password they hit join and that's all it takes to sign up with remedy after this you can then send money to your loved ones but I already have an account with these people so all I need to do is to click on the sign in button and log in to my own account here is my email and my password click in sign in here is a transaction that I'm already working on but to show you guys how I go to this extent I have to click start over and here we are so these are my previous receivers whom I have sent money to in the past and they all got the money in their bank account so for me to walk you guys through on how to send your money I'm gonna be using one of my previous receivers to show you guys how it looks like to send money using Rome Italy so you can either continue with your previous receivers if you've ever used remotely before and if you're new to REM Utley you have to click add new recipient but I already have this I already have my receiver in so I all I need to do is to click continue here I just have to change the price I'm just I'm sending to my receiver and it's gonna automatically show you how much your receiver is gonna be getting below is the fear if you are trying to send it Express which means how very fast amis economy takes like 2 or 3 days to get to your receiver but it's much cheaper and the difference is not really that much so here at 3 your receiver can get the money bank deposit cash pick up mobile money but I always like to go with bank deposit because it's more easy for my receiver and gives them less stress so here it shows you different types of banks and actually to select that of your receiver so here you can search for a receivers bank if you cannot find it here just click on this button it's going to show you other banks are valuable for me my receivers bank is GTV bank so I have to click on GTB after that I click Next here it gives you a summary of the transaction and you have you check make sure the details of your receiver are correct once you don't check in that click continue confirm and transfer and here it's processing your transaction and in few minutes you're gonna receive a message in your phone or your email depending on what you use and signing up telling you if your transaction went through or not in your transaction has been confirmed so if you're using remotely you need to remedy you better make your first transaction there is gonna be a link in the description of this video the link when you use it.

It gives you a discount of $20 so make use of this link and it's gonna help you with a $20 discount in your first transaction so guys if you enjoyed this video please kinda like subscribe share with your friends and also there is a secret to this video guys if you are looking forward on how to make at least 100 dollars per day from remotely all you need to do is to share this video to five people and I'm gonna be dropping my social media usernames so you can you can direct message me and I'm gonna reply you and I'm gonna show you the secret on how I usually make $100 per day just from this website called remotely it's real guys do not doubt me if you really want to know share this video to five people and you have to show me proof before I can tell you my secret to you next time guys see you later Thanks for read it and watch it.

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