How to fix headphones?

How to fix headphones?

How to fix headphones?

Is there any way to fix broken headphones? Headphone cable worn or damaged? Yes, you can do it. It is not a problem! Wondering how easily you can fix broken headphones? I present a solution in this article. Describe the repair options. I will also provide information on replacing the entire cable, i.e. re-cabling.

By cleaning the house and finally putting things in place so that I can quickly find them next time, I just found my old, unused headphones. There were more headphones that I slightly forgot. But this one pair was unused for one reason only. Unused because it was broken. The question was simple and the solution didn't seem complicated. How to fix them? They had been in the drawer for a long time but I didn't throw them away for a simple reason, I knew that they could be easily brought back to life. And it's time to take care of it, to fix broken headphones.

Diagnosing the problem was not difficult. of course, the effect was heard immediately. Actually, nothing was heard. They just didn't play. The problem at first glance was the visible, frayed cable right next to the mini-jack plug. It did not happen right away. It was a process I had been observing for some time and I knew that sooner or later it would eventually wipe and stop joining. When wiping the cable sometimes both headphones interrupt or one does not work. When we move the cable, they start working again. Then we already know what broke down in the headphones. The best part is that you can fix it yourself.

Repair the headphones yourself or have it serviced?

There are two repair options, do it yourself or outsource it to someone who knows about it.
If we want to send them to repair professionals, the easiest way to search for such a person on the Internet. All you have to do is type in 'headphones service' or 'headphones re-cabling' into the search engine and add the city in which you want to do it, and we will definitely get such service offers.

If you want to do it yourself, you will need a soldering iron. There is no great philosophy in soldering, so most people should handle this. And we will definitely find such a person among our friends.

So we need a soldering iron, tin, rosin, knife, lighter, heat shrink (!,?) And a new mini jack. All this we can easily buy in electronics stores.

How to replace the mini jack in headphones?

Let's get to work and fix broken headphones. In this case, we assume that the cable at the Jack plug has worn. We can fix it very easily. I think all of us had headphones in which it happened. Unfortunately, this is a very common condition.


But let's start to solve it. We start with cutting the cable at chafing. We strip off the insulation from the tip so that the cables inside are shown to us. Three cables should show us: red, green and orange. If this is a headset with a microphone, an additional blue cable will appear. It's also one of the common problems with broken headphones, the microphone doesn't work. We immediately unscrew the cover from Jack and put it on the cable to later, when everything is done, screw it on the plug.

We solder the cables to the Jack plug as in the video below. There is mass in the middle and on the sides there is a cable from the left and right headphones. There is no great philosophy, it is not complicated, and when we see it in the video everything becomes clear.

How do I fix a broken headphone cable?

Here, the case looks very similar to the previous repair with Jack replacement. The only difference is that in this case, we connect the cables together again. If we somehow cut the cable in the middle, then on both sides of the cut strip the insulation, lighter we burn another insulation or varnish on the cables. We put the shrink on one side. We solder the cables together using rosin, zinc and soldering iron. We wrap one cable with insulating tape and put on a heat shrink on it all, firing it lightly with a lighter. Now everything should work and look aesthetically pleasing.

Cable replacement or re-cabling

Another way of a cut or worn cable is to replace it with a new one. For people who don't know it yet, there is a special service called re-cabling. It is very easy to find websites that specialize in such services. The easiest way is to search for such places on the internet by typing "re-cabling" + the name of the city where we live or a larger town nearby if we live in the countryside.

It will be, for example, " re-cabling Warsaw " or " re-cabling Krakow ".

Such exchanges, however, cost up to about PLN 100, so for cheap headphones, it is not worth it. However, if we have a little more expensive headphones, it's worth repairing them.

For this price, we get high-quality cables and often a cable covered with nylon braid which looks pretty cool, in my opinion, better than a standard black cable like in most headphones.


If you have a problem with the headphones, that they sometimes break or you see that the cable is chafing and its time is coming to an end, you already know that this is not the end of your headphones. It can be fixed. I described the above practical ways to repair headphones' cables.

With the help of a soldering iron, we can do it ourselves or have someone do it. Replace the Jack plug or replace the entire cable, i.e. re-cabling. In many forums we can also find interesting discussions about repairing broken headphones. It's worth looking through the forums if we have any other less common problem with headphones.

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