Best small pets for Kids

Best small pets for Kids

Best small pets for Kids

Small pets - which one should you choose?

Pets are great to play companions. Additionally, children learn thanks to them a sense of responsibility. The only question is: which pet will be best for children?

Pets - rabbit

The rabbit is a nice and fluffy animal. Often, parents decide to buy it for their children as the first animal - hoping that the child will learn a sense of responsibility and duty. Due to the fact that the rabbit does not need to be taken outside, it is certainly easier to maintain and less demanding than a dog or cat.

Although rabbits are nice in appearance, it would seem that they love to cuddle with people. Meanwhile, they are not too sociable, they do not like to be hugged and squeezed. They can feel cornered and start defending themselves - attacking and biting. For this reason, little children are advised against them.

Rabbits like freedom, they will feel badly kept in a closed cage all the time. It is recommended that these animals be removed from the cage for several hours a day - preferably for 3-4 hours. During this time, the animal can explore and get to know the surrounding environment. Care must be taken to ensure that the furry coat does not come into contact with cables, wires, and other dangerous elements.

Rabbits require care and a proper diet. Their treatment can sometimes be quite difficult, so it's better to focus on prevention in advance. Rabbits live 6-8 years. Prices of rabbits are various, we will have to pay PLN 30-100 for the miniature.


Turtles are long-lived animals, they are not very demanding when it comes to caring, but they are not recommended for people who want to establish any relationship or interaction with a pet. The turtle quickly becomes accustomed to its owner and rather recognizes it. Due to his slow way of being, it's hard to expect an enthusiastic welcome or such reaction.

In-home conditions, the turtle is stored in the aquarium, the land turtle can be "taken" for a walk.
The price of turtles ranges from 100-700 zlotys.

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Fans of furry animals are also offered to buy a hamster. It is a small, undemanding animal, for which you have to pay a maximum of PLN 15 (of course, the cost of the cage and its equipment). These little creatures are not difficult to maintain and do not require a large financial contribution. They lead an active lifestyle at night, during the day they are rather calm and mainly sleep. They live for about 2-3 years. Just like a rabbit, they need freedom and jogging in the wild. All they need is an hour a day outside the cage.

Mouse and rat

Although not all parents are supporters of mice and rats, some think it's a good pet idea. They are especially recommended for children whose parents want to teach responsibility before they decide to buy a child a larger creature, like a cat or a dog. The mice are mobile, funny, they do no harm. They live on average 1-2 years. For an apartment, they need a cage or an aquarium

Rats live slightly longer than mice, on average 2-3 years. They are intelligent, curious, and quickly attach to people. They like to go outside their own cage, but you have to watch them very much - they tend to bite cables, furniture or rugs.

Both mice and rats need a cage or an aquarium, preferably with the right equipment. There should be, apart from the drinker and a place for food, lots of play accessories. They are intelligent, mentally developed creatures that must undertake various mental activities in order not to be bored.


Fish have liked pets. Both adults and children decide to do so. Although you can't take them out of the aquarium and stroke them, it's nice to see them live in your aquarium. And a fish flat can be extremely beautiful, it all depends on how we equip it. You can choose from a variety of accessories, plants, rocks, and underwater houses. The fish selection is also extremely important; beautiful and colorful specimens will make the aquarium a wonderful decoration of the home interior.

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