The risk of corona began to rise, with 733 new cases in two days

The risk of corona began to rise, with 733 new cases in two days

(Bassam Sultan) In two days, 1,347 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Punjab, bringing the number to 20,077. In Lahore, 733 more certified patients died while 6 more died. The death toll in the city rose to 129.

In Lahore, coronavirus has been confirmed in 733 more people, bringing the number to 9,597. There have been 13 more deaths from the coronavirus in the province, bringing the total to 337. The number of confirmed patients in the province has reached 20,077. So far 26,041 tests have been done.

Among the confirmed patients, 119 are undergoing treatment at Mayo Hospital, 105 Expo Center Hospital, 39 PKLI, 17 Sims, 12 Jinnah, 37 Lahore General Hospital, 10 Gangaram, 3 Children's Hospital, 6 Social Security Hospital.

Among the private sector hospitals, 8 are Begum Akhtar Rasool Hospital, 30 Doctors Hospital, 33 Farooq Hospital, 7 Fatima Memorial, 1 Home Hospital, 20 Hameed Latif, 13 Lahore Care Hospital, 27 National Hospital, 11 Shaukat Khanum and 25 UOL Hospitals. I am undergoing treatment.

On the other hand, 24 more deaths and 1239 new cases were reported from Corona in the country yesterday. The total number of deaths from Corona in the country reached 1155 while the number of patients reached 55667 after new cases came to light. This has resulted in a huge rush in the markets during which social distance was not taken into account

A study has revealed that where no social distance policy is followed, there is a risk of a 35-fold increase in the number of cases of the new novel coronavirus.

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