The intention must be clear

The intention must be clear

In the darkness of the night, Rose was contemplating a society engrossed in thought, so much so that she came to her father's bed so that, as usual, she could comment to her father on Sufism and what is going on in today's society. She used to express her thoughts in front of her father and listen to him carefully. When Dad asked Gulabo about society, Gulabo said, "Daddy, what will society think of us? That's what we keep thinking. We don't do many legitimate things because they are wrong in the eyes of society."

Isn't it an exaggeration to say that we are afraid of the creatures and do not obey the Creator and that these people do not shy away from committing sins in the darkness of night that God is watching? If the rich people of the morning are dacoits of the night, then some bad character, they also only care about the people because the decent people are the people hidden in their eyes, whether the money is black or the character is black.

But the question is, what does God want from us?

He wants good intentions, Dad, I don't care if these hypocrites call me good or bad, I know that I should keep close to the Lord and if your intention is clear, then God is with you.

Father: If you find hypocrisy in this society, then share your love, son! Your job should be to take care of the deity of God, there should be welfare, there should be a message and remember that the city in which you were born should also take care of its welfare, its welfare. Can

Rose's anxiety was relieved by her father's words and she became convinced that she was her own. She went to sleep thinking that one day she would do something big.

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