Pakistan's editorial board also includes Pakistan's Nighat Dad

Pakistan's editorial board also includes Pakistan's Nighat Dad

Facebook has initially announced a 20-member editorial board, which includes Nighat Dad from Pakistan.

The board will have a total of 40 members, including human rights activists, politicians, judges, and journalists. Digital rights activist and Pakistani citizen activist Nighat Dad is also on the 20-member panel. The Trump administration has sharply criticized Facebook for including an American professor critical of President Trump on the panel.

The board will be able to overturn the company's and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's decisions on Facebook and Instagram about content. I am part of Facebook's independent editorial board. He included, "I envision working with my individual board people from around the world, and this blockade is going to be and running before this year's over will give.

Nighat Dad is a Pakistani lawyer who runs the Digital Rights Foundation. The Digital Rights Foundation is an NGO that works on Internet harassment, information protection, and freedom of expression in Pakistan and South Asia. Which will be necessary for the protection and promotion of human rights, women's rights, and freedom of expression.

The Board of Supervisors will review hateful, harassing material, and public safety material.

A 130 million trust fund has been set up to cover the board's expenses, which has nothing to do with Facebook and cannot be revoked.

Board members will be elected for a maximum of three years and one member can only be elected three times. The members will have a direct contract with the board and the Facebook company will not be allowed to fire them.

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