Online education ... the need for encouragement

The outbreak of "Coronavirus" has wreaked havoc in the beloved country where the global doomsday has hit the world. On the one hand, the superpower of its time is fighting for its survival, on the other hand, humanity Is sobbing, However, we admire McAziz's doctors, nurses, Pakistan Army what's more, police workforce who have fabricated a divider against this pandemic. And admirable are the personalities who do not give up hope even in this crisis and have taken a revolutionary step by continuing to teach the new generation and have started the process of online teaching from where it was cut off. Congratulations to the teachers who made it possible with their hard work day and night and thus succeeded in lighting the candle of hope in the pitch darkness that is why they are called the architects of the nation. Universities across the country have also been online Education has started. It needs as much encouragement at the government level as any living thing needs oxygen to survive. However, in a developing country like Pakistan, making online education success is not so easy. Because the issues are numerous. First of all, there is no electricity. If there is light, then where did the people in the mill of poverty get internet. In some areas, there is no 3G and 4G service at all. There are many other technical issues as well

Hopefully, with the passage of time, these problems will be solved and online teaching will also improve. There is a need for parents, teachers, students, media and the government to make this project a success. Because it is a sacred mission.

Parents should take care of their children. Provide resources for their children according to their means. Wealthy people in any neighborhood should help such needy students financially and by taking precautionary measures in their cells, their internet, TV, and other Bring resources for the children of the nation. This charity of theirs will definitely bring color. In this regard, run a full awareness campaign on electronic print and social media. The services of intellectuals, scholars, and teachers should be sought.

Scholars should draw the attention of parents to this and attract the younger generation towards it. In the light of the teaching of the Qur'an and Sunnah, moral training of boys and girls should be given. In this modern age of the 21st century, parents have dual responsibilities. On the one hand, they should arrange for the moral training of their children, and on the other hand, they should be equipped with modern education. These educational institutions should be encouraged at the government level. Such institutions should be financially supported. Teachers should be given online training on modern lines. Encouragement should be given for their sake. Be.

The biggest responsibility in this regard lies with the student himself. Since all this is being done for the better future of this student, the burden of responsibility is also heavy on him. Students need to be given maximum time for the success of this system. The truth is that students are the center and axis of all educational activities. And in fact, it is also a major stakeholder of the education department. There are also numerous challenges that all stakeholders can work together to reduce, as well as secure their time and future. It is a fact that if it is spent comfortably at home for a long time, then, later on, these students will have to work hard to get into the habit of reading and more time will be wasted. The degree that these students were supposed to get at a certain time will not be available. Because of the deteriorating situation, I don't think it will be possible to take the exams in the next two months. This barley there is talk of taking summer vacations till the month of June, just to consider whether it is possible to take classes in June and July in the central and southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is very difficult to declare April and May as summer holidays. The summer holidays will last until August. So instead of wasting time at home, children should focus on their education. It is obscure as of now what he will do subsequent to leaving the post. Take advantage of the support that universities currently provide under the online education program, and spend as much time as possible on your studies. There is currently no solution without online education. Otherwise, it will be a loss. Children, parents, and the nation as a whole will suffer greatly. Of course, the time has challenged us to say that there is still time


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