How to teach children at home?

How to teach children at home?

The devastation caused by the measles virus has killed millions of people on the planet, shut down educational institutions, and led to a state of lockdown. In this precarious situation, a concept called homeschooling has emerged. Some educators are calling it a new development, but in fact, the history of this service is as old as humanity. Everyone knows and believes that the mother's lap is the best and first school in the world, that's why Napoleon Bonaparte. Also said that you give me good mothers, I will give you the best nation. What is a homeschooling service? What are its characteristics? Let's discuss how to get dressed. First of all, parents should consult their teachers and teachers about this. Get guidelines from teachers. Stay in touch with them. Guidance can be taken from them in case of any problem. No period should be more than forty minutes while making the time table. For home Make a timetable and display it in a prominent place. The first period should be based on the teachings of the Qur'an, Sunnah, and ethics. Before or after breakfast, sit down with your children and recite any verse of the Holy Quran, Hadith Read and discuss. Have questions and answers. Have discussions. Repeat lessons learned in the past. Ethics can also be read from books. Based on this discussion, the class will improve the speaking skills of the children and at the same time the moral training of the children will be possible. The second period should be cleaning in which all the members of the house should participate without any discrimination. Especially cleaning of washrooms is very important. Men, make sure to clean the street and drain connected to your house outside the house. This will not affect your children. Not only will humility be created but their practical experience will also increase. Practical skills will also increase within them. The third period is great fun Download Marl videos from the Internet in the presence of parents. Google - Google Scholar, YouTube, and the net can learn the positive use of computer TV at home in a place where parents can see. Balance can be maintained. Sports and undergraduates are also an integral part of education. This can be called the fourth period. Play the game of your choice in the morning so that the children stay fresh and in good health and in a good mood.

And now it's time for the self-study that will be your fifth Monday. Dear parents, remember that your children should have textbooks, notebooks, and notes. Parents should just monitor and encourage. Well done and wow Do not give the children nicknames like thief and donkey. Ask the children to ask three hundred objective questions step by step from each subject. Find about one hundred key points and make one or two-line definitions. Then make short questions from them and put those short questions in the form of detailed questions. 

In the same way, solve the exercises given in the textbooks. Wherever there is a problem, use the notes you have. This repeated exercise will not only help you to cross the course but also increase your writing skills. Periodically continue the self-study in the seventh and eighth periods and keep changing the subjects. Instead of memorizing and memorizing, understand.

Another thing to pay attention to children's happiness is to bring writing boxes for children and let the children practice so that one day they will become great calligraphers. Use pencils, pens, and colorful cut markers for this purpose. What can be done? In order to enhance the listening ability of children, it is necessary to tell them instructive and interesting stories. Even today we remember the stories that our grandmothers used to tell us.

They are as effective in shaping the personality of children as they were in ancient times. The children's relationship with books should be maintained. In addition to the course, they should be provided with books that are of interest to the children. There should also be a small library in the house with a newspaper containing Islamic books, general knowledge dictionaries, and tutorials. Having books will increase children's reading skills

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