How to make money online for free

how to make money online for free 

Earn $300 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide

How to make money online for free

Make $300 online just by typing

Today's I'm going to show you how to make $300 online for just by typing best names and the best part about this method it's completely free you don't need any money and it's worldwide you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and as long as you can do some typing now the reason I'm doing this video is because a lot of people white asked me first of all how can I do something world-wide I'm sick and a lot of people say hey I need a little bit of money to get started online so what's the best way to do it without any skills well I found it for you and you can do this anybody can do this it's really easy to do and I'm going to show you a secret at the end of this video how to do it properly and make more money so let's jump in guys gonna show you how to make money online and how to make 300 dollars just by typing simple names alright guys welcome back so what are we talking about in this video what can you expect what am I about to show you that can make you up to 300 dollars per day by typing names well I'm about to show you exactly how this works step-by-step I'm going to show you how to get started and take you through the process but best of all as I mentioned this works world wide so it doesn't matter what country you're in and not only that is completely free.

Want Money Now

To start and you can start making money instantly which is the key to a lot of people because they want money now and you can actually get paid into your PayPal account you don't need any website or email is to go and make money with this and all you need is a mobile phone or a laptop this method works on both platforms right so you can do this on the go you can do this at home on your laptop you can do this anywhere even sitting on the beach if you want so what am I talking about let's dive into the method we're gonna be talking about a website that we can use that it's called squad help now squad help is a legitimate website that has lots of reviews on Google that's the most important part I want to find you legitimate websites that actually have good reviews on Google and people have actually used it on the top review we have over two thousand three hundred positive reviews and a rating of 4.9 then we have five stars and we have another 4.9 so this website is legitimate here are some of the results from other people using this website right now so we've $300 here $300 here three hundred and another three hundred and there are literally hundreds of these online right now of people using squad help to make money on line so the first thing you want to do guys is actually go to squad help calm and sign up an account it's completely free it's not going to cost you anything to fill in the details and sign up to an account and then once you've signed up guides you just want to go to the home page and just check it out and see what it's about so what we're actually doing is people want business names so for example I've done this before I've actually used this website so if I have a software a product or some sort of course I might go out and say hey I can't think of a name I can't be bothered thinking of a name I'll go out and pay people to actually think of a name for me or a tag or a slogan or even logo designs if you're good at design and these are some of the finished ones here so you can go on guys once you've signed up and you can go and find these contests and you can actually go and submit your words literally words so our slogans tag lines and names and I'll show exactly how to go and do that and the reason this is so popular now and so many people use this is because there's so many online companies getting started every single day and they can't think of a name I'm one of those people now once you actually sign up to this website guys I want to go to the dashboard and just connect your PayPal account so you get paid so you go down here and I'll say smart alerts you want to connect your PayPal or your Pioneer account so you can actually get paid the money into your account before we actually jump into this guy's here's some more results from before like the ones I showed you before it keeps going and keeps going and keeps going there are so many people making money on line with this method right now so how do you get started and make sure you stay to the end guys I'm going to show you sick little trick that'll put you ahead of everybody else so what you want to do guys is go up to active contests and go to all once you're on this page there will be a list of contests right and you can just scroll down you can find particular contests where people are actually looking for names now one good tip you want to go on the one that says guaranteed prize this means that they have to give the money away when the contest is finished and as we scroll down guys you can that a lot of people are freaking to pay 250 100 200 200 but these people that are actually willing to pay 300 dollars like right here $300 for a name so if we click on this one right here which is a name for a lawyer's business we click on this listing or this post we go down it's got all of the information that you need right so name they want a name for their company what type of company is it obviously it's a lawyers firm so they give you all the information that you need and then in the additional detail section it explains the type of stuff that they're looking for basically what they want now it's important to read this guy's because if you don't get this right you won't win the competition you have to make sure you're catering to them and you're giving them what they want and trust me I've declined a lot of people because they haven't read my descriptions when I've been looking for a business name and they've got all the information so make sure you read this thoroughly now how do you actually go and create a business name here is a little trick first of all you can either think of it in your head if you like you might be really good at thinking of names and stuff like that however what I recommend you do is go to google and put in business name generator' and you're going to get a tool like this now because this is a law firm I'm going to put law unto this here okay and go to generate this is a business name generator you can find them in Google so you don't actually have to think of names yourself and I'm going to generate and what it's going to do is give me a bunch of names that I could put together or just some ideas and I could throw together a mesh together and come up with something so the first way of table or pursuit loss build law opacity law those are kind of not very good but we have prospect law there could be a good one it's got kind of a ring to it we have a radiant law we have sonic law we have easi law combined law we have logistic law right there's these names and then you can also switch it around and put law in front of those words if you like and you can also put an other keywords like lawyer you can also choose an industry and it will be more specific and spit out more names for you that you can submit through these contests and what this gives you guys is an opportunity to find a name quickly and submit it quickly and get ahead of everybody else now if we go in here I actually found a funny one lit law that's pretty cool - law foster law exquisite law sunset loss there would be a great one for someone hit a law company on Sunset Boulevard maybe sunset law there's so many options you can find on these websites now how much money can you actually make combined so these are some of the people who have won competitions recently this woman here has made forty five thousand dollars this guy here has made $10,000 $25,000 two thousand three thousand thirteen thousand dollars if we actually click on these names we can see some more information about these people who are on the leaderboard and as you can see this one has just loaded for us he's won 55 competitions he's got one hundred and fifteen thousand points and earned $10,000 here's all of these badges and if we go down you can see the type of stuff that he did so he won our this one here he won that one he must have done some domain stuff and that's another thing I want to actually talk about guys you can actually create logos and domains you can actually sell them on this website as well so it's a bit of an extra bonus you can go and sell domain names which I've talked about in previous videos and you can sell logos to people so to do that guys you'll go and create a logo and you can actually sell it on this website and then what would happen is if people are actually looking for a specific logo or design they could go and buy yours for up to $2,000 $1300 $1700 it's an extra way that you can make a money from this website but what I recommend is sticking to competitions go and find these competitions it's a great way to start making some money early in the game and then taking that money and starting a drop shipping business or an affiliate marketing business if you want but as we scroll down guys there is literally so many competitions you're never going to run out it keeps going it keeps going it keeps going and it keeps it going and these people are willing to pay up to $300 per day so you only have to win a couple of these a week and you're gonna be making a wage a normal living wage now guys if you wanna learn how to make a full time online I recommend jumping into a method called ecommerce and I actually have a training that shows you exactly how to do this step by step that takes you through how to start your own online e-commerce business and how to actually make money online with e-commerce so I will leave a link below in the descriptions you can check this out this is my number one recommended way to go out and make money online and I'm also going to leave some playlists up on the rights of your check those out these are completely free training videos for you and I'll take you through step-by-step how to start an affiliate marketing business or an e-commerce business now don't forget to subscribe tap that notification bar smash that like button guys and leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite method is to make money online and I'll see you in one of the videos on the right


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